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Just been told most probably need IVF

Hello I've been lurking on here a while and thought I'd share I'm 37 And partner 39 been trying for 2 and a half years. Started processes last October to see what was wrong. Had a laparoscopy and dye couple of weeks ago they found my left tube had a kink in it but he straightened it out and it's now fine. My tubes were not blocked. After this we were hopeful thinking if that was the problem we might be ok now but had big appointment to get all results from blood tests and sperm etc and partners sperm has come back 2 million. Was such a blow I burst into tears and he nearly passed out and had to lay down! She said we will do another sample (the first one was done at Christmas) so waiting for the date to deposit it! They are also doing blood work on him to check genetic things.... She said see what this come back as and if it is still low then we need IVF. She said also I'm not ovulating every month so with that, my tube twisted and his sperm we had lest than 1 % of conceiving naturally. Of course we are hoping his sperm count was a freak sample, I'm a bit annoyed we only just found out the result of that, I Naively thought if it was bad news they would have called and asked to book another one. But we will start trying to boost up on walnuts bananas and vitamins but the test will be in a month or so and I didn't think sperm generates until 3 months so what he improves with eating now won't help this sample. I hope I'm making sense I'm sorry im waffling!

Anyway just letting it all sink in to top it off the morning we found out my best friend went into labour and by the next morning her beautiful baby boy was born. I hate being so bloody emotional! I'm really pleased for her but it hurts so much xx

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My first Sample was 0.2 Thousand sperm

second 4 Million

Third 4.2 Million

Fourth for freeze only 0.12 Thousand, clinic asked for another sample two weeks later

Firth 14 Million (6 straws frozen for back up)

We was recommended to have icsi which is a slightly different procedure to IVF, It is where a individual sperm is selected and injected into the female egg which has a very high chance of the egg turning into a embryo.

On the day of egg collection i produced a sample of 3.9 Million, we went on to have a successful birth. We was extremely lucky as we have learned each case is different.

Now- we are going through icsi for the second time.

Around 2-3 months ago when we decided to go for icsi again as we want another child they needed another sample.

I produced a sample of 0.9 thousand to check the sample was mobile, this was inconclusive on the swim up test as there was not enough 2-3 moths after on the day of egg collection i produced 32 Million(Average is 20Million). So it just shows how it can change dramatically.

In them three months i was eating healthy, not putting the laptop on my knee at night to watch films, not taking hot baths.

But i was taking vitamin d and folic acid Tablets pregnancy ones from boots think these are for woman ( Folic Acid apparently can increase sperm count by 200% i read online and vitamin d can help the quality) Should say for men too !

As well changing my underwear to loose fitting ones, heat kills sperm so if you nuggets are wrapped up let them have some freedom. Sitting down too much can kill sperm and so can extra body fat which can cover the testicles.

Exercise each day and dont ejaculate too much, let it build up for at least 5 days, also try to wait it out meaning dont ejaculate too soon during sex, masturbation.

longer=more release, due the chemical hormones we release in our blood so it doesn't have to be sex, just so your partner is aroused to release the hormones in his body.

I would try all above and try and conceive around ovulation you never know cant do any harm while waiting for ivf-icsi.

If there is anything else just ask.

All The best.


Hello Blondyboo 😃.

Thank you for sharing your story. I started on mine the other day but never published it it. When I saw yours this morning I thought somehow it had been published as it starts very similar to yours. I guess I also thought my story was too big too publish 😊...

I wish the best of luck 🍀 and strength to follow through x


I was worried mine was too long when I started typing I couldn't stop lol x


lol 😂. Thanks for the encouragement x


Hi there, I am half way through the 10 week wait for the next sample. Unfortunately, there was no sperm at all in my husbands. Get your partner to take vitamin c and zinc tablets, our GP said they really boost sperm production. Good luck x


Thank you for your replys. I will be doing a supermarket run later to stock up on pills and certain foods. Might pic up some new boxers too for him! Lovely day today sun is shining going to try not to think about baby's and enjoy the last day of Easter. Going to a beer garden what's the bet it's full of baby's and pregnant women! X

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Oh, this annoys me - when the pub is full of babies and you think "seriously, is nowhere safe"?!


Hi Blondyboo, firstly this is an emotional time you are going through and we have all felt similar feelings and sharing does help. I do understand how you feel with the pain of seeing pregnant women everywhere, someone close having a baby and feeling both happy for them but sad for yourself. I have definitely been there and still have days like that. This has got easier over time.

The tests themselves can take what feels like forever but if you come to having ivf, everything is explained and if you have any questions, asking on here generally gives you lots of answers.

The best thing you can do is to try to do something nice for yourself and your partner. We set aside a night a week where it was 'date night' where we watch a film, go to the cinema or for a meal and generally just have some time together.

I also saw a counsellor prior to ivf as it was too much for me to handle at one point. It definitely helped me but this is an individual decision and only you know what is best for you.

I wish you the best of luck with this. Take care xx

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Thank you Dee, I was offered that actually I have a card she gave me and I have got Bupa cover that might cover that. Just thinking that's going to be more time off work. My work are very good and will be fine but I work full time and I guess that I will be having quite a bit of time off with IVF?! I think I will have to go to Bristol x


My counsellor saw me in the evenings so it didn't impact on work and then they didn't need to know. For the ivf, I had 3 or 4 scans a week until egg collection and so did need a few hours off but the clinic tried to fit my scans around my work as much as they could and some were at weekends. I suppose it depends on your working hours and how far it is from the clinic to work and also on the clinic. I had time off for the egg collection, transfer and then the 2 week wait but not everybody takes the 2 weeks off, it will depend on your work, you may be able to do lighter duties for those 2 weeks. Being at work would be a good distraction as I was going crazy at home.

Good luck xx


Hi Blondyboo,

When ttc doesn't go as planned it can be completely overwhelming. We started all of our tests to establish why we weren't conceiving this time last year and I've been reflecting over this Easter weekend just how tough a time that was for me and my hubby (who really struggled with the fact his wife was bursting into floods of tears at the drop of a hat).

Around this time, and the months that followed, it felt like ALL of my friends were announcing they were expecting or having babies. It was horrendous!!! There were days I couldn't even muster up the "happy for them" part as I was so overwhelmed with sadness and grief for myself.

Roll forward one year and I'm still waiting for that BFP and my date to start IVF. I still have bad days when it all seems too much but, overall I'm in a much better place. I went to see a counsellor who was excellent and really made a huge difference (saw her on a Saturday morning). I've also started tai chi which is great for relaxation and I try to keep myself as busy as possible (reading, baking, weekends away). This forum has been great too.

Good luck with your partners result! I have heard the wellman vitamins are good so might be worth a try. Remember you only need one so there is still lots of hope x x x


Thank you so much for your reply Xx


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