Cyclogest delaying AF?!

Hey ladies,

Hope you all having a great bank holiday weekend.

I'm 9dp5dt today, on my last cycle AF showed up day 8dp5dt, but I was only one dose of crinone a day. This time I'm on cyclogest twice a day, is it true that being on a high dose will keep your period away until you stop using it? I kind of wish it would just show its ugly head if it's going to come! I had some cramping 7dp5dt but that's fine now. Any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you xxx

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  • Have you done a test yet? Mine came two days after I stopped taking the Cyclogest when I got a bfn. Are you past your otd? If not, hold on until you are I would suggest. xxx

  • I did a test 7dp it was negative, going to wait till my otd which is Thursday to test again, I defo think the progesterone is holding it off xx

  • Ok. Well I would wait until the test date. I didn't test early. I tested on the otd, got a bfn and then stopped the progesterone. You've still got 4 days though which is growing time for your embie. Try not to write it off just yet. I know it is torturous but you never know. x

  • Thanks hun, keeping everything crossed! Xx

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