Causes of failed ICSI... fibroid ?

I'm going over and over in my head what could have led to my failed ICSI attempt... what is annoying me is that for the last 5 years I've had a uterine fibroid, outside of the cavity but it's grown quite large. I've complained about the fibroid as it has caused me to have severe heavy painful periods. When beginning my IVF journey it what picked up on a baseline scan. The sonographer assured me it would cause no problems and advised me to leave alone... however I've tolerated the fibroid over the past few years even though painful... only to be told on my Embryo transfer that the fibroid may cause a problem with implantation. I've been on the NHS waiting list for 3 years to begin ivf and now the fibroid has become an issue after me complaining about it repeatedly... on embryo transfer my lining was very thin 6.9 ?! After searching the Internet lining is supposed to be between 8mm-12mm ?! So why my top grade embryo was used when I had such a poor lining has also upset me... I would rather have waited for a frozen transfer ?! I have also read that uterine fibroids are also the cause of poor lining thickness... My consultant has suggested removing the fibroid before FET ? Which I am keen to do ? I can't find much information on the process and recovery time... I have so many questions that need answers 😢

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  • Hi I had a fibroid before I started my ICSI cycle and they gave me an appointment to have it removed straight away, my clinic said that this was the possible reason why I was getting pregnant. They wouldn't let me start my treatment until they had removed it. Also my clinic made sure my lining was more then 8mm before they would let me transfer the embryo as they wanted my lining to be thick, so there was more chance of implantation. I think your clinic made a number of errors which maybe contributed to you having a negative outcome. I would definite look to complain about this situation. I had a Laparoscopy to remove the fibroid and they put me to sleep, recovery was very quick for me, but everyone is different. They make an incision under your belly button and they cut your fibroid out. Good luck

  • Thank you so much ! For your response I completely agree I feel like they have let me down ! They've known about the fibroid through the whole process ! Xxx

  • I definitely think you need to speak to your clinic and complain. If anything they should have dealt with the fibroid as it was causing you pain and heavy periods. Even if they didn't remove it straight away, they should at least removed it before you began treatment. Now its big and may interrupt implantation, very neglectful. xx

  • I know it upset me, they said on implantation it had grown, ive had this fibroid for 5 years ! If I had known I would have paid privately to have it done quickly :( now my ICSI has probably failed because of it ! I feel so annoyed ! How long after your laparoscopy was you able to continue with IVF xxx

  • Hi, my case was a bit different, I had my Laparoscopy in October 2015 and then I didnt get to start my 1st ICSI cycle until June 2016, but that was due to it being on the NHS, it takes a while. Then I failed that cycle in August 2016. I then had to wait a few months before I started my privately funded cycle in January 2017. I would imagine, you can probably start your FET after a couple of months. They like to have you have at least 2 months of normal period before you start your FET. Make sure you push to have the Laparoscopy ASAP, if its on the NHS, they take forever. (in my case they thought it could be cancer so I had it within 2 weeks). Keep chasing it up and explain your in too much pain and periods are very heavy. xx

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