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Polyp/fibroid found in lining just 10days before transfer

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So I’m after some guidance here.

We went for a scan to check the thickness of my lining ( prov transfer date is 30th May)

They have discovered either a polyp or fibroid in my uterus that was not there on my last scan in September.

Now we have the choice of either stopping meds, paying private to have the polyp/fibroid removed and starting again possibly on a shorter prep cycle


Continue and hope the embryo implants away from the polyp we are looking at a 10% reduction in chance.

We’re looking at between £1700 -£3200 depending on how easily it is to remove.

I just am so overwhelmed I can not think straight - I know they want a perfect environment but has anyone else had a polyp and just gone through with the transfer with success? Has anyone been in this position?

I just sat in the car and cried then had to return to work as though nothing has happened..

We are both just thinking that this is just not meant to be for us , I mean the fact that we had to get over the fact that we have to use donor eggs and now this...

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Hi lovely, I have a fibroid in my uterus which has been there a while. My clinic have never been too concerned about it, even when it grew during the prep for my FET. What is your instinct? Do you feel you'd rather get it sorted before you proceed?

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Poppyhead in reply to Kitcat12

I have never had one before so know ( or should I say knew) very little about them... the doctor said that it’s 11x12 mm so that they recommend anything over 10mm is removed.

Or we continue and hope for the best.

Part of me wants to just carry on but then will I always look back and regret not stopping, having it removed, starting again - aghhhhh!

We have till Friday to make a decision and that includes finding a clinic to remove the polyp !!!

I just need a magic 8 ball to help me ☹️

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Kitcat12 in reply to Poppyhead

It's so stressful isn't it. Would almost be better if the clinic made the decision for you. Mine was 1cm and has now grown but as I say, they're not too worried at my clinic. I really hope you get the advice you need to be able to make a decision x

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Poppyhead in reply to Kitcat12

Where about is your polyp? Mines to the top left..

We were originally told that it’s a 30% reduction and now told 10%

We were told the procedure to remove was in the region of £1000- £1500 but on speaking to one doctor it’s more like £1700- £3200 and even then the cost is dependant on how difficult it is to remove...

To make things more difficult they haven’t given us details of where we could go for this op so we are in essence ‘shopping around... oh the whole thing makes me weep!!

I really glad that your clinic has been so good and I hope that the Transfer is successful xxxxxxx

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Kitcat12 in reply to Poppyhead

Also on the left side, but in the middle. They've literally never mentioned it as a problem, they know it's there. Although I have had an early miscarriage so that may be part of the reason why. Who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️ I really do wish you luck x

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Poppyhead in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you xxxx


I had an open surgery to remove 1 fibroid last year, one consultant advised removing as it was partly in the cavity, and if I had fallen pregnant there was increased risk of miscarriage. Another consultant suggested that I go ahead with my transfer and hope for the best. In my case I choose surgery not only for pregnancy but also my periods were horrendous and surgery made such a difference.

It was the best decision I could have made, and although it our schedule back, I’d rather that then be worrying during pregnancy.

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Poppyhead in reply to Shola76

I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of miscarriage ....

I’m in a world of ‘why me!’ at present, medication hasn’t helped my decision making ability...

Thank you for responding xxx

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Shola76 in reply to Poppyhead

I felt exactly the same way, it’s a natural response. Have a talk with your consultant, in my case the fibroid was ‘ in the way’, and I just wanted it gone. A friend of mine had surgery through her vagina and her recovery was really quick, so her schedule was only put back 2 months, mine was 4. Good luck, all the best xx

I had an open myomectomy to remove fibroid last year. It just depends on the location and whether it’s impacting on the endometrium. The only way to find out is having an X-ray of the womb. My fibroid caused me to lose 3 embryos :( I wish I had it removed sooner. I had mine removed in September now I’m 10 weeks pregnant after my second round of icsi 🤞🏼 it’s a tricky decision to make as some fibroids do not cause any problems. I think to make decision I think perhaps request a hysterscopy or X-ray of the womb xxx

I’m afraid I really can’t offer any advice but big hugs 💕💕 xx

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Poppyhead in reply to Squeak2

Thank you so much! Am now post op and the polyp has been removed...... meeting with the fertility clinic tomorrow morning to discuss the next steps and had the medication delivered in most possibly the largest box in the world that I’m too overwhelmed to open it!

I hope you are doing well?!? Xxx

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Squeak2 in reply to Poppyhead

Oh wow, fantastic I hope for you! So I’m hoping they can get the ball rolling for you soon, exciting!! I’m feeling rather pooped today... poorly tummy yesterday and unsure if it was just all the anxiety and emotions or a bug 😳 just hoped the embies stayed where they should 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️ fingers crossed... !! Hope all goes well for you 💕 xx

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Poppyhead in reply to Squeak2

Everything is crossed for you!!! Please let me know how things go with you xxxxx

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Squeak2 in reply to Poppyhead

I will do 💕 xx

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