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Feeling numb after bfn


On my partners birthday I thought this would be a happier day, but that little line didn't appear! I now just feel like I'm floating and just don't no what to do with myself and neither does he! Just waiting for the bleeding to start feeling hopeless!

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through it's such a difficult time. You are the only one who knows what's best for you and how you cope best. My way of coping when I had bfn last year was to keep busy, me and my OH both had the test day off and when it came back negative we were both heartbroken but we both cope best by keeping busy so we had a bit of time together to process the news but then went out for a walk and just kept our mind off it. Just be there for each other and don't put any pressure on yourself you both have the done the best you can, that's all anyone can ask for. Take care of each other through this difficult time x

amie1 in reply to beauty1984

Thank you, we are I'm taking him out for his birthday later so hopefully that will take our minds off it slightly. Just so strange not quite sure how to feel. X

Big hugs. Sorry to hear your news. Remember to take time for each other xx

amie1 in reply to emu2016

Thank you xx

im so sorry . .. be strong. I felt devastated after my last failed cycle. You just need time to process this outcome.. you will get past this outcome. Take the time and try and do things that you did before starting the cycle, it will help. After my last cycle it only made me more determined to start my 2nd cycle to try and have a baby. Stay positive and be open. You will get there in the end x

amie1 in reply to ditsy999

Yeah I know we had a miscarriage last one so just tough to stay positive at times. But will hopefully get there in the end xx

Bfns are horrible. Give yourself some time to process. Treat yourself. It's horrible but you will get through it and come out fighting xx

Having a shandy in the sun first one in a while x

Tugsgirl in reply to amie1

Good for you! Have a glass of wine later too if you're not driving x

Sorry to hear that.. Big hugs xxx

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