Review after BFN

I have my review appointment today after getting a negative result the other week. To be honest I just feel so disengaged from it all I don't know what there going to say or do to help convince me this will work, we were on the maximum dose drugs with only 8 eggs but ended up with only 2 they could transfer on day 3 and none to freeze .

I know there gonna ask if we have any questions and I just have nothing......

We are going to postpone our next round till September /Oct hopefully to get fit again plus my husband has redundancy consultations starting may so want to get that stress out the way first .

Huge congratulations to people who have recently got there BFP , good luck to everyone on there 2ww and huge hugs to anyone that needs them xx

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  • All the best. I felt the same about my review meeting but after nearly a year since my first ivf I have not got the motivation to get going again now can't wait. Just want to get started

  • Thank you I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want to rush back into it.

    I guess we just have to take our time and restart when we feel ready.

    Good luck with your next cycle x

  • Hope today goes well. It is hard, I remember I just mainly cried and didn't take anything in and didn't really want to even be there, thought getting a bfn was bad enough why have I got go talk it through. :-( I gave up for 6 years after, and I decided to give it another go which has taken a year nearly now I'm just waiting for dates to start my 2nd cycle, xx

  • That's exactly how I feel I just don't want to go at all.

    The next cycle will be our last as we can't afford a private cycle at this time, which I think just outside more pressure.

    I think we will just have to take our time and maybe not put a date on it and just do it when we feel ready.

    Good luck with your next cycle xx

  • How did it go today? That's why I gave up for so long as I just was ready to go through it again xx

  • Today went better than I thought, we can ring them when we feel ready to start again.

    There also doing loads of test for things that might stop implantation, they re tested my thyroid ( already on medication for that) and found it too high although my gp always tells me it's fine.

    They have also suggested the scratch so going with that next time too ( more torture lol).

    We are just going to focus on getting fit and healthy again and go from there.

    Thank you for asking xx

  • Glad it went better that expected that's always good news, hope you have plenty of rest and recover and start again when you feel best.

    Hope your thyroid is sorted,

    My mum had major problems with her gp and her thyroid,

    Take care and good luck with your next cycle when your ready to start cx

  • Thank you 😊.

    Yes thyroid seems to cause a lot of trouble with Dr's and patients I know it's very common, hopefully with clinic now on board it will get sorted .

    I hope you got sorted with your gp and them signing you off, i rember reading your post and it sounded awful the way she treated you xx

  • Thank you. I'm hoping to get my dates on 27th then go from there with work etc thank you,

    My memory is terrible so I'll say sorry in advance if I've asked you the same thing several times lol xx

  • Lol no you haven't and definatly no need to apologise 😊.

    Good luck for the 27th I hope you get your dates and get everything sorted xx

  • I had a bfn in january .it was devastating .i just felt disconnected from the whole thing and stayed away from ivf does getter better with time .we will be starting again after easter.and hopefully second time around will be good news.get some rest and just try live one day at a time .im sorry about your bfn .

  • I really wish I'd put off this meeting a bit more but clinic where quite pushy to get us in.

    The next cycle will be our last one which brings more pressure πŸ˜•.

    I think I stupidly thought after having a chemical pregnancy the first time a bfn would be easier to deal with but it's been a hell of a lot harder.

    Good luck with your next cycle I hope you get your BFP xx

  • I just want to say I'm very sorry things have not worked out and my heart goes out to you. But for what it's worth you sound very rational and sensible. Taking a break to get back to being yourself is such a good idea. Try not to worry about the next cycle, you feel pressured now but once you have recovered a bit and some of those extra hormones are out of your body you will feel ready to try again. I'm sending you my best wishes and lots of positive thoughts. Also all the best to your husband, I know well how upsetting the threat of redundancy can be. Be kind to yourself. You are both warriors to have even got this far and very brave. No one in the wider world is going to probably recognise your bravery, but everyone on this forum does. ❀xx

  • Thank you your right of course especially about the extra hormones lol.

    Clinic where really good they've done more tests including thyroid ( already on treatment for under active thyroid ) that's come back high, so getting that sorted and they have recommended the scratch so going to have that done too.

    They've given me the pill but just told us to phone when we want to start again no pressure.

    We've known about redundancy since about Nov but consultations don't start till may! So it's dragging on but we will get through that and then start thinking about ivf again.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I hope your cycle goes well and you get the BFP we all dream of xx

  • It is great they offered the scratch. I've heard it has had really positive results.

  • Yes I was going to ask for it on my 2nd attempt then I chickened out lol lol.

    When the consultant mentioned it is jumped on it

  • All the best hun.xx

  • Thank you x

  • Sounds like a plan to just focus on yourselves next few months & hopefully feel more positive after the summer! Good luck xxx

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