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FET Cycle

Hi all

Just a quick question.

My FET schedule is as follows:

Day 25 intra-muscular injection of triptorelin

Approx 10-14 days after injection period should start

A scan is to be carried out then start taking progynova tablets

Another scan 10-14 days after start of tablets then depending on thickness ET following week

Does anyone know how long after my period they will scan me? We are planning on going up north in May for my husbands sisters 18th and trying to guess when the best time will be.

Thanks for any help xx

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Hi, hope it all goes well for you on this cycle. I'm also started my FET this month. I phoned in today to book in as today is day 1 of cycle. They told me that I will have a scan around day 12. I have to start my injections and tablets tomorrow and my injections are for 7 days only and the tablets will continue. They said after my day 12 scan, transfer will be around 5-7 days later, all being well. I think that depending on where you are treated your cycle might differ xx


Thankfully I've only got one injection so looking forward to this cycle being a little easier.

Good luck with your cycle 😊 xx


My schedule overwhelmed me when I looked at it! Find it very difficult to work out the timings but the clinic gave me s rough idea when I asked them so give them a bell and hopefully they can set your mind at rest so u can book your trip x



I'm due to start FET process next week, I've got to have a gonapeptyl injection then 14 days later have a baseline scan, start hrt meds that day then 10 days later have another scan booked, transfer will be sometime the week after that.

Good luck with your cycle xx


Did they say anything to you about your period starting after the injection?

It sounds just like my schedule so hopefully won't clash with my weekend away xx


No and I didn't even think to ask when they gave me my schedule, I was just so happy it was all booked in! On my normal cycle my period would be due around the end of next week, but from what I've read online i think they expect period will start 10-14 days after the injection but I've also read that you might not get a period at all! It's all very confusing and I may have read it all wrong!!

I'm going to check with the clinic on Monday, I'll let you know what they say xx


Oh right it all sounds very similar to me then so I'm sure i should be fine going away.

Hope your appointment goes well. Mine is Friday so not long after you and they have provisionally booked me in for transfer on the 24th May. Can't wait to get started again 😊 xx


Thank you! If it's the same as the depo injections I had years ago I know it's a big needle! will be fine though, at least it's just one injection this time!

My transfer is week of 15th may, will get confirmed date after scans, like you I can't wait to get started, it's our only frostie so really hope it works or it's back to doing a fresh cycle, but trying not to think about that now and staying positive 😊 xx


We've had the injection delivered to take with us and it's the same size as the drawing up needle from the fresh round so really glad they are doing it!

I'm hoping my transfer stays for the same date as they have booked as I already have the week of the 15th off so will go back for two days then have the rest of week off so will add up to five days off because of bank holiday. Lovely jubbly 😊 xx


Just thought I'd give you a quick update, I've just had my injection, it went in my tummy so not as bad as I thought it was going to be, glad the nurse didn't do it intramuscularly as that hurts more! I asked if it would delay/stop my period at all as I'd read different things on line, she said my cycle will more than likely continue as normal, but I do have hot flushes and night sweats to look forward to! 😤 a small price to pay though to get the baby we do want.

Good luck with your appointment xx


Doesn't sound too bad then! Thanks for letting me know xx


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