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FET Cycle and acupuncture, what's your experience?

Hiya, we have been for scan today and lining is nice and thin after the prostap injection, we should of started oestrogen tablets today but had to delay a week as we had a commitment on the week they were looking to transfer so we're a week behind. I've been thinking of trying acupuncture as I've found I'm much more stressed this time round and hope it will help me to relax.

Has anyone tried it and what was your experience with it?

Thanks x

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Hello, I had acupuncture with my first 2 cycles, I did enjoy it but for my third cycle I decided to try Reflexology which I personally enjoyed so much more 🙂

Good luck with your FET xxx


I’ve had Acupunture 3/4 cycles and find it really helps me to relax. Il definitely have it during my next cycle, good luck for your FET xx


I’d definitely give acupuncture a go. I found it very relaxing and the lady I went to had experience of IVF herself so it was lovely to chat to some one who really understood what I was going through.

Wishing you lots of luck for the cycle x


Hi Vicky

I’ve been having acupuncture and I find it relaxing. It helps me with managing the side effects of the medication, clears my head and gives me a boost. I also think it helps having the acupuncture consultation each week as you are speaking to someone out with your circle of friends and family. I would recommend going to an acupuncturist that specialises in fertility acupuncture. X


Thanks for your replies, we have found one near our clinic who specialises in fertility so I've bit the bullet and booked a consultation for Saturday.

If nothing else I'm hoping it will help me relax xx


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