Day 12 Scan

So I went for a check up scan yesterday to see if the oestrogen tablets are doing their thing... The lady scanning me said they look for at least 7mm and mine was 11.8, so I was really happy with that! She also checked my ovaries which were both fine.

When she checked the left ovary, it was tucked up quite high due to scar tissue and endometriosis on that side. She lifted up the tissue on my lap and began to press down on my stomach to see if she could find the ovary. I've had this done before so it's not something new to me, but I was a little taken aback that she didn't ask before doing this (especially as my stomach is tender from injecting for over a month!) and she didn't explain why she was doing it.

Do you guys think this is something I should feed back to the clinic? I wasn't too bothered by it as I've had this before, but I'm thinking for someone else it could offend/upset them?

She explained to me what will happen next in terms of our treatment, and that if we get a BFP I'll need to get a prescription off them for further hormonal support and will have a scan a few weeks after etc etc... I explained that I'm also under their recurrent miscarriage clinic so asked if I'd get the prescriptions from them but have scans at the RM clinic? Her answer was yes but obviously you'll need a positive pregnancy test before you contact them.... well yes it would fairly pointless me contacting them without one... 😑😑😑


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  • Sprinkles

    How rude!! I would have been miffed at most of the elements of that scan! How insensitive 😑 Definitely feed it back hun. If your still annoyed about it it's obviously not just a knee jerk reaction. End of the day people are paying a lot of money out, and even if they aren't they still deserve a degree of respect and sensitivity.

    Take care sweet ❀️

  • Thanks misswinky, I always worry that I'm being overly sensitive so it's good to check with others! You're right, I've paid that clinic a small fortune over the last few years.

    I'm not sure she says these things maliciously but that's the third time she's scanned me and the third time she's said something that has upset me. She scanned me during a Clomid cycle a few years ago and making conversation I mentioned that hubby and I were getting married in a few weeks, her reply was 'well what on earth are you doing all this for then?!' πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‘ xxxx

  • Hi Sprinkles86. So sorry to hear about the way you were dealt with. It does annoy me, when I have spent years trying to be as gentle and "private" as possible with patients. I would never stand for that from any of my staff, so mention it, for as you say, it could prevent someone else having to go through the same. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I'm not sure how to go about doing this but I'm sure PALS will be able to help me xx

  • Hi Sprinkles86. Yes, try PALS, then it's not coming directly from you, Just insist upon patient confidentiality. Diane

  • Yes I agree deffinatly feed it back .

    I've had a few rough scans which has caused pain after . X

  • Thanks Romaluna, the things we go through hey! Xx

  • Well definitely day something then, if she can't keep a civil tongue in her head without making a sarky remark, she shouldn't be doing a job that requires tact. Grrrr

  • My thoughts exactly xx

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