Positive day 8 scan 😊

Hi everyone..I've just been for my day 8 stims scan and things were looking pretty good, my left side doesn't really respond all that great as my left ovary is quite stuck down with endometriosis (it's all on my left side) but she said there's a few on that side so it's trying. However she said my right side is making up for it and there's a couple that are in the best zone they can be in at this stage and others not too far behind 😊My lining is also looking good.

We're really pleased and just appreciating this little victory because it's so nice to get any positive news isn't it! I feel stupidly proud of my left side for even trying when it's quite damaged and of my right side for stepping up!

I have another scan on Saturday then my EC should be Monday or Tuesday. I'm on a much higher dose than ever before and also a combo of two drugs so we're really hoping that's what does it for us this time πŸ™πŸ»

I hope you're all doing ok and that the sunshine in Manchester today is everywhere! Xx

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  • Fabulous news. Hope you continue to get good news on Saturday. x

  • Thank you MrsB76, yes here's hoping! Xx

  • Hurray, well done Georgina!!! Xxx

  • Thanks Alice! 😊 Xx

  • No sunshine yet down here near Slough but lovely to read your positive news! Come on left side keep trying! 😁Xx

  • Thank you Pinky_123, I know I'm willing it to but the last 2 cycles the follies got so big in that side then just stopped. It might be different on a higher dose though πŸ™πŸ» Hope that sun has reached you now! Xx

  • Great news and well done left ovary πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜€

  • Thanks button, it's funny how you feel so proud of your body when it does something right in this process isn't it! Let's hope it continues. Hope your cycle is going ok so far xx

  • Day 2 so far so good, I have a scan on the 19th x

  • Fab news ,lovely sunny day here in staffordshire xx

  • Thanks Ro5ie, glad you have sun too & hope you feel a tad better today xx

  • Great news! Sounds like me, I only have one side that really does anything too! I have my day 8 scan tomorrow, hoping it's better than yesterday's!

    The sunshine here in Manchester is definitely helping lift spirits! Good luck for Saturday x

  • Ah no way Hun, it can be stressful depending on one side can't it! Really hope your scan goes ok tomorrow..are you at a MCR clinic? It's lovely but v.breezy here today isn't it! Xx

  • I didn't get much from my right side last time so not surprised, they have increased my does from 225 to 375 so I think it will do the job!

    I'm from north Manchester but I'm at Hewitt wrightington/Liverpool, it's gorgeous blue skies!x

  • Hopefully Hun, glad they've increased it to give you the best chance. I won't be surprised if I don't get much from my left side either, it's been in a bit of a state because of the endo so I'd be more surprised if it did I think!

    I'm north too! Near rochdale, how come you're over L/pool way? Lots of luck tomorrow! Xx

  • Exactly, at least you're not disappointed!

    I'm Bolton so not far! I had my first NHS go with them and as I got pregnant I thought best stick with then now!x

  • Ah definitely, don't blame you, especially if you've always been happy & comfortable there too.

    You're not far, small world! I worked in Bolton (in the community so all over!) for 8 years till I was made redundant and am still there frequently now seeing friends! Xx

  • I'm from Chorley originially! :) x

  • Where are you now Hun? Small world isn't it! x

  • Over the pennines! On the dark side! x

  • Great news 😊 fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thank you pumpkin xx

  • Well done georgina today is a good day so happy your scan went well and you've got of follicles growing xxx

  • Thank you nmill, you have to be happy about & appreciate the good days on this journey don't you xx

  • Good luck Georgina. Wishing you all the best for EC and beyond and hoping for a positive result for you xx

  • Thanks so much City74 😘

  • Brilliant news xxx

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