Never lose hope!

EC today and after days of worrying it was absolutely fine. I think I was awake (not too sure, felt like the drugs were amnesic) but felt no pain during the procedure at all. Got 4 eggs after having 2 large follicles and 2 which we hoped would catch up and clearly they did. A few smaller ones but we knew they probably wouldn't be viable so just what we expected. Bit tender on the tummy now but nothing major). What I'm saying is to all of you about to go through this don't be worried or scared. The staff were fantastic and so reassuring and even got a choice of sandwich and cup of tea which I wasn't expecting. Felt a bit 'away with the fairies' and got a pessary to help with the tummy pain.

OH produced his sample and came back to me before I went to theatre. After the procedure when I came back to recovery he wasn't there and had been told to go back to the waiting room (not sure why), it'd have been nice to have him there straight away.

Everything was explained to us so clearly (including an analysis of OH's sample which seems to have corrected itself miraculously. He had around 45%gloopy/clumpy sperm in his wash and swim sample produced a few months ago and now we were told it's fine. After googling and reading everything on the subject he had zinc from dark choc, vitamin c and upped the water intake. Coincidence or really made a difference who knows?!

So now to wait for the call tomorrow morning. It's going to be a long night!

thank you everyone for your continued support and baby dust to you all xxx

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  • Well done, hope you get good news with your call in the morning x x

  • Glad all went well for you, wishing you luck for tmoro xx

  • Brilliant news Louise! Rest up and fingers crossed for the call tomorrow xxx

  • Great news xx

  • Fantastic! Try to rest tonight and god luck for your call tomorrow xx

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