Absolutely gutted!!

Hi all! Hope you are all well!! I have heard back news today....When we originally went for investigation tests we were told my partners sperm count was under 2 million and as it was so low they couldn't provide us with any more information re motility etc. I am due to start taking the pill on my next cycle which should be starting within the next couple days. My partner was told he had to go for a sperm sample and another sample after that for them to freeze a sample. He went for his first test last week and we got the results today and have just been told he only produced 8 sperm of which 4 were no use so only 4 would have been OK to use!! I am absolutely heartbroken how can they tell us that he had under 2 million I never imagined it to be this low?!?

He is going for his frozen sample next week I am hoping this one is going to be a little bit better.

Has anyone had such low results and resulted in a BFP?

This journey has already been so emotional I am not sure how we will get through it!


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  • Try to stay positive it s gonna be icsi and they ony need one good one.

    I read few articles about male infertility and acupuncture it s not gonna be a drastic change but it might help a bit. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes while having those male reconception pills and a balanced diet.

    I wish you good luck, i m starting my cycle too i m on my 2nd week on pill and we re going for icsi too

  • It's hard to stay positive when it's so so low!!! But I am trying :-) he doesn't smoke anymore hasn't done since we realised there was a problem but we are going to keep away from alcohol totally quite difficult with Xmas coming up but will be worth it in the end! I am doing acupuncture maybe I will speak to my acupuncturist and see what he says thanks for the idea!

    Oh wow we are quite close then in time you are a couple weeks ahead of me! How are you getting on? When will you start with the injections? Also seems that you are close to me! We are having treatment at st. Helier like scans egg retrieval etc however transfer is at Kings xx

  • i m going to kingston, the traffic and parking there is a nightmare (allow 1h to find a space). i m better for the moment, putting on weight (thanks to the pill). I booked a get away to iceland to take my mind of the waiting. Starting my nasal spray the 26 traveling the 27 back the 2 and first scan the 6 (and every 2days) they ll also show me how to inject and provide me with syringes my egg retrieval is planed for the 18 if all is good.

    I m very excited, taking the pill is the highlight of my day and i m counting days till the next step. I was told to manage my expectations as it might not work from first time but if i don't it will send me back to that very dark place that it took me so long and so much to escape from.

    I m going to the acupuncturist in epsom twice a week it ads to my comfort that i m doing everything i can.

  • It will be nice to have a break before the egg retrieval bet you are really excited! I know I am waiting for my period to start as taking the pill will feel like we are finally starting the process! Just need my cycle to start!! I see an acupuncturist too over in Nork have only been seeing him every other week he says he will need to see me at certain points during my treatment. I will speak to him next time to see if I need more sessions! Think positive!!! Xx

  • Hi lianm8. Try to keep positive. I have heard that reflexology can be really good for men with motility probs etc so that may be worth thinking of. Plenty of selenium and zinc in his diet is meant to be good to. Are you both taking the vitamin tabs with folic acid in? We are taking the pregnacare tabs, they do a box which has both your tabs in. Hope some of these ideas help. Good luck xx

  • Thanks for your reply sam101. Interesting to hear re reflexology I will definitely have a look into that. Only thing is I'm not sure how my partner will feel about that! He is trying to keep what we are going through quiet So I am trying to support him with that however close friends and family are aware! We are both taking the tablets with vitamins. Thank you for your ideas and good luck to you too :-)

  • Hi lianm8, I really sympathise as we are in a similar position. I remember being completely devastated when we had our results, but we are due to start ivf with icsi and they seem confident it will work. Try and stay positive, there is still hope. The only changes we made is my husband increased his exercised and he now takes Well Man tablets as well x

  • Thanks for your reply daisy32 it's a really horrible situation isn't it? I just couldn't believe it today how low it was I was under the impression it was around a million to be told only 4 were good soerm was heartbreaking. But I am trying to think of the positives. My partner takes the pregnacare for men is wellmans better? I may switch his if it is. Good luck with your journey xx

  • It is very upsetting. I went through 4 stages of grief. First I was in denial and hoped the results were wrong. When the second result was worse I was furious with our GP who told me 'I'd be pregnant by Christmas' (that was in June 2014!), then I grieved for a long time (especially as it felt like everyone around me was getting pregnant) and finally accepted IVF with icsi is an option.

    I don't think it would make much difference with the tablets, both are good I think. I just make sure he eats well, exercises regularly, doesn't drink too much etc. Thank you, and good luck with yours xx

  • The other thing to do to potentially improve sperm quality is to make sure your partner keeps his testicles cool. So no tight underwear, no sitting with laptop on knee and no mobiles in pockets (my hubby found that a nightmare and constantly forgot!). Has your partner noticed any difference in his sperm since starting the vitamins? Mine did notice that his appeared to be a thicker substance - not sure if that is a sign that it's working or not. Good luck!

  • thanks for your comment lynnr54 he always has his phone in his pocket I will be on at him now to put it elsewhere! Unfortunately we have been told most likely his sperm will not increase by much as he had mumps as a child and this is what has affected his sperm count it's just gutting to know by how much 😒 I will ask him if he has seen an improvement - he doesn't really like to talk about it all and will brush anything off when I try and speak to him so it's hard to know what's going on with him!!

    good luck to you too! Wishing you lots of baby dust xx

  • Hey Honey,

    We are due for our first appointment at the unit tomorrow morning but my partner had his sperm tested in the hospital months ago now and we were told he had 7 million sperm when in fact it should be 20 million.

    Like I said we haven't started our treatment really yet as I had a couple of procedures before we could start but how I think is this at the end of the day it only takes one doesn't it? I wish you all the luck in the world don't lose hope honey just think that's four chances of a baby! good luck lots of baby dust xxx

  • Thanks for your comment liz1985 you're right it does only take one but only producing 4 individual sperm really deceases our chances 😒 I am trying to stay positive I am sure everything will work out as it should it's just a hard time! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow I bet you are excited to start it's a relief when all the apts start and you are no longer waiting for referrals and approval! Xx

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