Never give up!!

Never give up!!

Hi I am more of a lurker on This thread more than a contributor, I just want to offer a glimmer of hope to those of us still struggling ttc. After 59 long months of ttc, low sperm count and a single ovary, we've just got our rainbow baby bfp this afternoon. Last month we gave away all our digital ov monitors, tests, thermometers and everything ttc after realising it just wasn't going to happen, we were under so much pressure our  marriage was under a lot of strain and we decided the stress of ttc was too much. Not 2 weeks later we have done it on our own. We are both in disbelief and praying for a sticky bean. Thanks for reading xxx

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  • Huge congratulations!!! Xx

  • Thank you very much 

  • That's great news. Hope all goes well and you get your 2017 baby.

  • Congratulations!! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!x

  • Congratulations. Iam 37 years old with hypothyroidism & infertility. Did you try any new things  for success?.

  • Hi no we didn't go anything other than stop trying lol I think we were just at our wits end with it and stressed we were almost beaten into submission! I think they Levo has helped tho as ovulation must have come back as wasn't doing that for two years. Ours was secondary Infertility. Xx

  • Hi, wow congratulations. This happened to us too. After two years we had a final appt with a consultant who said it wasn't gonna happen. We stopped everything (even sex for a while), got married, moved house then I found at at 7 weeks I was pregnant. Had a scan, all ok and have my next scan tomorrow. It can and does happen. I have everything crossed that all goes well for you, come on sticky bean! X

  • That's exactly what happened to us, fertility consultant said our option was ivf, and we were just praying for a miracle. That's fantastic about your scan. 😍 Hope all goes well with the next one!! Xx

  • aww lovely! congratulations! 

  • Whopping big congratulations :) Wonderful news! I wish you a healthy pregnancy X

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