So far so good, feeling overwhelmed!

So today is test day and it's positive to say im shocked is an understatement! I know Its still very early days so trying to stay grounded. I just want to share my story for people who are starting the journey to tell you there is hope, so don't give up. We got married July 2012 and wanted to start a family tried and nothing. So many people we knew who got married after us got pregnant on honeymoon made me cry sometimes. So after 12 months with no luck we went to the doctors and I told a white lie that we had been trying for 18 months. They said they'd test the hubby first, took a sample and then day we were going on holiday had appt for results no sperm in sample. My hubby felt useless that it was his fault he couldn't give me the one thing I wanted. So we got referred which kept going wrong paperwork went missing so I paid private to go see consultant saw in 2 days which nhs said would be 3-4 months!! He told us hubby could have an op to see if there was sperm but it wasn't getting through. Got date for op April hubbys boss wouldn't let him have time off, this made me very mad, she had no children! So waited another 6 weeks and had op, got results same day which wasn't good there was 40% chance they would find something smd they didn't. This made hubby very down and he was in a bit of pain which didn't help. Anyway we picked ourselves up and went back and they discussed a donor which is the next best thing, we had counciling wasn't sure about it but was really useful. So then had to wait to get all my tests done for ivf. They kept loosing my blood results so took longer then it should! Went to see the consultant to discuss my results I had high follicles could tell me if I had POS as they'd lost blood results anyway I didnt. So got our date for seminar were they handed us a date to start which was that month was so excited as I knew I was due on in days! Injections were fine then came to scans which was so up and down because of high follicles results were up and down and they recommended we start again as only 2 folicals but we wanted go try, got 1 egg which fertilised and here we are currently 2-3 weeks pregnant. Thank you for listen to me ramble on and for everyone's support on here. Don't give up you will get there some day somehow!

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  • Hooray!

  • Congratulations. Take it easy. Tasha

  • Thank you x

  • Congratulations that is wonderful news before Christmas. I know it will take some time till it settle but enjoy the moment as it is really special and you have been through a lot. Really happy for you take care and i bet you can't wait for your first scan ;)

  • Thank you I can't I'm thinking it should be w/c 12th jan, at least got christmas and new year to keep us busy x

  • Congratulations! Lovely news.

  • Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your story, this gives me positive vibes. Feeling very low this weekend. We start IVF in January and also started trying to conceive in 2012 like you (February). We are apparently unexplained (initially problem was I wasn't ovulating but now we are both 'allegedly' fine!?! Frustrating!!) So to have had the ups and downs you did and have a positive pregnancy at the end of it gives me hope!! Wishing you a healthy happy pregancy :-) xxx

  • Thank you there is always hope, the clinics know that they are doing they will help you get there in the end x

  • Congratulations so pleased fo you. What a lovely Christmas present for you both. My first scan is on the 29th i can't wait for it to confirm every thing is ok. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy. XX

  • Thank you oh so exciting for your scan bet you can't wait x

  • Good luck for your scan on the 29th. Tasha x

  • Thankyou Tasha, I can't wait for it X

  • Good luck for your scan on the 29th. Tasha x

  • Congratulations!! That's amazing that it worked with just the one egg!! Gives me a lot of hope as I have low egg count. Wishing you Merry Christmas & a happy and healthy pregnancy :-) xx

  • Thank you, it only takes one so try not to worry about numbers x

  • Big congratulations to you and your husband :) Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy :) X

  • Congratulations lovely Christmas present for the both of you xxxx

  • Brilliant news after yr long journey. Congrats to you both. I'm having my second frozen transfer in Feb using a donor egg! So hoping 2015 will be a fab year for all us trying, having second or more trys, and for all you lovely newly pregnant ladies! Best Xmas present for you both.... EVER!! XX

  • Thank you still along way to go so trying to be excited but realistic, I know it's a long hard journey but It will be so worth it in the end. Good luck with your journey in 2015 x

  • Great news x happy for u and thanx for sharing so need all positive results x enjoy every moment x

  • Great news, congratulations.

  • Congratulations to you both! x

  • Congratulations, wonderful news for Christmas! We start our treatment in the New Year so here's to a "positive" 2015 to everyone

  • Congrats x

  • Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations!!! Stories like yours give me hope that when I start IVF next year we will be successful too! :-) Have a great Christmas xx

  • Wonderful xmas pressie, also to those going for frozen, donors, ivf and everything else in 2015 good luck. We start again in March.

    All those that are newly pregnant hope it's smooth and easy xxx

  • Congratulations x

  • Great! Thanks

  • Great news, really pleased. My advice now is to really try not to think about every little twinge and don't Google pregnancy symptoms every 5 minutes, as its too easy to forget that every pregnancy is different, and what you read online may not relate to your body.

    I bled heavily a week after my positive and was convinced it was all over, then bled again like a light period a week later. I then saw a perfect little heartbeat at my 8 week scan. I had driven myself mad with worry and 'Google frenzies'!

    I now get all kinds of weird symptoms and am waiting for my 12 week scan in 3 weeks time. I'm stopping myself from googling every 5 minutes, and reminding myself that what will be will be, and all I can do is have faith that he is still ok in there.

  • Thank you and thanks for your advice I know the test says I'm pregnant and I can tell family and stuff but since so much has gone wrong I don't think I'll believe it until the scan, just over 2 weeks to wait x

  • We didn't tell anyone, even close family, until after the eight week scan. We won't tell friends until after twelve weeks.

  • Gosh don't know how you did that, we've only told people who knew we were going through ivf as everyone knew what the next step was. I have said that's it's only very early days and not to get excited until the scan x

  • My husband is a very private person, more so than me, and we didn't even tell anyone we were having IVF this time, so it was a real surprise when we told the close relatives I was 9 weeks pregnant!

  • Wow that must of been hard, I've turned to friends when upset as its hard to go to my hubby sometimes as we've had to use a sperm donor and I know he blames himself so I try to be as strong as I can around him so have needed my friends for a shoulder to cry on sometimes x

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