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Been discharged from fertility clinic after 2 yrs TTC with unexplained infertility


Hi all,

As the title suggests we have been TTC for 2 years. After 1.5 years went to see my GP and got referred to the fertility clinic. We had a variety of tests done such as the HSG, progesterone, SA etc.

All in all, everything came back fine, there was no real reason except SA came back with a morphology of 2 on the first sample and reduced to 1.5 in the second sample. The consultant said there is nothing they can do but to be discharged from fertility services, wait another year and after 12 months to be re-referred by the GP back to the fertility clinic and only then will they look at me.

I was distraught as I felt like my problems were not even considered, I started crying in the room and the consultant just said just keep trying, it will happen when it is meant to be.

I feel completely lost and worthless inside, I cant come to terms with not being able to conceive when on paper everything is fine. Except for DH's SA which they do not seem bothered about or they don't seem to care about it at all.

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So why can't they treat you now? Sorry for asking....


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I wish I had the answer. When I asked, he said because you have unexplained infertility there is not much we can do so we are discharging you and if after a further year you do not conceive go back to your GP to get re-referred.

He advised for both me and my husband to lose weight. Which was a bit strange because we both a very active and our BMI's are in the normal range- closer to underweight than overweight - If we were leaning towards the overweight side then I would understand but just felt like I was gotten rid of because they don't have a reason for why we are not able to conceive

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We don't have a reason either. You must be younger than us though?

We lied cos of my age and said we were trying for 2 years - this is naughty I know. But it is a year waiting list so we thought if we concieve in the meantime we won't waste any services. We are 1.5 years in total now. And 1 ivf cycle down - BFN.

You are well within the timeframe for getting fertilty treatment at 2 years I thought.

We are unexplained with no reason whatsoever and millions of tests later....

So frustrating for you!

If you are quite young though they must think you have a chance on your own maybe?


I am 28 - I wouldn't consider my self to be too young, yet not too much old either.

It is so frustrating if that really is the reason because I don't think it is fair as like you said we are in the time frame to get some help especially as it has been 2 years and now we are being told to wait another year and go through the entire tests and process all over again and only then they will decide what to do. I am so lost and distraught. I couldn't stop sobbing

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That is unfair. A year is a long time......

Would you have wanted to do IVF?


npat90 in reply to Hidden

I went in being very open to the type of treatment we may need. However, I was not expecting to be kicked off the clinic and discharged. Simply because I was under the assumption that 2 years is how long they ask you to try for. And believe me we have tried anything and everything for a natural pregnancy, it is just not happening for us

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When we went to our first appointment we were both shockes they said IVF - We just wanted tests and to confirm no underlying issue.

But here we are in the middle of IVF. We are trying natually in between too....

I think you need to maybe ask the clinic again for a proper reason - as 2 years is 2 years regardless of age...

My GP was so sceptical and I am 37 - she said ah just keep trying it might take a good few years. I was annoyed - so I wait til I am 40 and then what?!

Don't let them fob you off - get a proper reason why...

Sorry your going through this.


Hello dear, I am 28 and I truly understand what you're going through. I had surgery to remove a blockage only to know they found another one. I found this article and it made me feel a bit more hopeful -

I thought as long as it had been 2 years you could start treatment on the NHS? 1 year to wait before GP would refer and then another year to be investigated? My husbands SA came back with 2% morphology (although double normal sperm count) so in theory we should have gotten pregnant. The clinic gave us ICSI due to this rather than regular IVF and after 2 years of not even a hint of a positive pregnancy test naturally I’m now pregnant after our first cycle. Can you ask to get a second opinion? Knowing the waits for all this stuff I can see why you’re not happy about trying for another year to then be re-referred as they’ll also probably want to repeat some tests too. Baffling! Wishing you all the best for getting some help x

npat90 in reply to Lovefood1984

I thought that too, and I felt like I was pushed into a corner in the room with the consultant. I think I may call them and say I want a second opinion because the NICE guidelines do state after 2 years of trying we should be able to get some help. As EB2001said earlier, maybe it is to do with my age- have the guidelines possibly changed? Maybe waiting lists are too long for assisted conception (although one thing that ticked me right off was when the consultant said "it will happen when it is meant to be"." DH thinks I need to calm down and just relax, he said to follow the consultant's advice and wait a year but I mentally cannot go through the monthly emotional turmoil of AF turning up and feeling heartbroken. I really thought I would get somewhere today, have something to just take this weight off my shoulders!

Congratulations on your pregnancy, so pleased for you. Good luck with everything and glad to know ICSI worked for you.

PS Husbands sperm count is similar, he has way too many of them. His count is nearly double the guidlines however, it is the morphology which is the issue- even though it has decreased from the Jan sample to May sample, they still are not concerned at all :(

Lovefood1984 in reply to npat90

I can really relate to not wanting to wait and having AF turn up every month, it’s really hard. I think you should definitely push for a second opinion. The younger the better for all of this, you’ll be more likely to have good eggs and be successful vs someone older. As far as I was aware there is only an upper age limit of 40 for help (female not male luckily for us!)......I’m older at 34 so perhaps they wanted to get going sooner rather than later vs you. Plus now it’s taken us this long (Husband is 8 1/2 years older) we’ve realised we can’t afford two. We need full time child care at a cost of about £1,000 a month. If we were younger we could have had an age gap and then planned for a second when the finances got easier with the free government hours and school etc. Not that we’re grumbling, I’m so pleased to have got this far!

I also don’t agree with the ‘unexplained’ meaning you’ll still get pregnant malarkey either. I can’t believe you can try for 2 years with timing everything to perfection with your cycle and there not be something not quite right. I think you should be helped.

As for waiting lists once the testing was all done and they were happy with us we got offered to start ASAP. In the end we decide to wait from October last year until the new year to selfishly have one last lazy couples Christmas which did us some good. Surely the wait is more at the front end for waiting to get tested etc as they can only take so many at once at various stages 🤔

I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get the help you need x

We were in a similar position, had all the tests and everything was fine on paper but obvs something wasn't working, it wasn't until I had an ectopic pregnancy that the clinic have pushed us forward and had hsg, Clomid and now starting our first IVF cycle. What area are you in? It shouldn't but I do think it depends on the county/trust as to how quickly you're seen/taken seriously. Sending positive vibes hun xx

I was also about to ask which area you are in. You should be able to get hold of the ccg guidelines for ivf referral and if you meet them you can write to PALS to complain about not being referred. It may be that there is no funding in your area- the fertility fairness website might help you with this.

In the meantime, my clinic recommend condensyl for sperm health.

This is outrageous. Can you get the guidelines for your area? Could you be referred to different hospital? This makes me so angry. It’s not like you’d make it up! x

Everywhere I’ve heard of says after 2 years of trying you should be able to be referred for treatment, even with unexplained fertility. I would also argue that 1.5 is low morphology - my hubby’s was 2 and we were told that was low.

I agree with the other ladies, find the specific guidance for your CCG (fertility fairness website may help) then push for a second opinion. I really hope you get somewhere with it.

Wow how blooming frustrating!

Utter nonsense about trying for another year.

Me & my partner tried for FOUR years before we went to the NHS, I've had TWO years of tests & have "unexplained infertility" as well. So that's SIX years of TTC naturally total. (And I'm only 32)

We're just waiting for NHS approval for funding to be accepted now to start IVF.

Definitely get a second opinion Npat!

What!!! This has made me so mad! As others have suggested I would find your local ccg guidelines and see what they say. I can't believe that your age would have anything to do with it. There are people on here with a real vast age range that have received NHS treatment. My DH morphology initially came back low (it was a while back so I can't remember the exact number). He had a retest and if came back normal...i think it's one of those things that can go up and down. We managed to get a referral through eventually (sorry-we also had "unexplained infertility" should have explained that!)

I think what has happened to you is completely outrageous. See if you are able to get a second opinion xxx

This is so annoying and reminds me of how every step felt like a fight/struggle. Can you ask for a second opinion? PALS are great if you are not happy with the service you are receiving. Find out your local CCG’s criteria for funding IVF and go armed with this. Good luck xxx


Husband and I were at the fertility cinic yesterday, having a similar problem. All my tests came back fine, although my ovaries are working harder due to m age but nothing that means I can't conceive. My husband has a lower than average count but this has imprved of late but his morphology is just 1% and the consultant says she isn't particularly worried by this, even though I am. Sge recommends him taking zinc and selenium to improve sperm quality and I give him folic acid too.

As I turn 40 in two weeks, my NHS fundnig runs out then so unfortunateky we can't get IVF on the NHS which is what we need so I'd definitely push them to give you that. Also push to get your husband seen by a urologist. That will be our next and possibly last step.

Don't worry too much if you are young because a year isn't long and at least you can get re referred, but don't leave it too long like we did and best of luck to you.

The process is just so unfair with different areas offering different help and rather a lot offering none unless you pay rather a lot. I personally don't understand why some medics don't seem able to realise the cost to mental and emotional health from the struggle with TTC all would include those answers in an exam but seem to have no empathy in practice. I would go back to your GP and tell him how all this is affecting you hoping you get more help and wishing you good luck x


So sorry to hear this very frustrating for you. I would definitely go back to your GP and ask for further testing and a second opinion. I am 29 went to the GP after 1year of trying (knowing this is the NHS guideline) we went in with my husbands SA results too. We were referred straight away for testing.

I had completed all tests within the month and found out the issue.

We are just about to start our first treatment of IVF. As horrible as receiving the results we're I couldn't of bared to be told go off for another year of trying.

I don't think they take into account the mental health aspect of the process sometimes.

Keep positive xx

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