Thin lining

I'm stressing myself out. Just had my scan to check my lining was thin before starting the oestrogen tablets it was 5.9mm my gynae said it was good but in other rounds at this stage it's been 1. Something. I'm still bleeding.

What's the requirements? I'm due for transfer on the 4 April and stressing big time that it's all going to go wrong. Help?!?!!?

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  • Hi. Are you having a medicated cycle? I'm sure at transfer they are looking for a lining of at least an 8. In the same week for my medicated fet I went from a 6.9 to a 9.1 Don't panic. You have plenty of time x

  • Don't worry you have tons of time. I have less time as mine is only 5.5mm and my egg collection is due to be next Friday at the latest. Doc says not to worry though as the drugs I'm on should increase the lining and I'm doing acupuncture. Good luck xxx

  • Hi Marita, don't worry you've got ages yet, and if they think you need a bit of a boost they'll up your meds. I grew 4mm over the course of a weekend, it is crazy what the body does! They want 8.5mm, well my clinic did, So try not to worry, and put your feet up! Xx

  • That's good to hear Alee. My husband just went out and bought me 4 pomegranates as apparently that can improve growth! X

  • Thank you. I thought it might be a bit too thick to be thin is that makes sense. Usually at this time my lining is only 1mm. X

  • If you are still bleeding and not yet on meds I would have thought it should get thinner x

  • Oh ok. I start meds tonight xx

  • I'm always stumped with this questions. Most of the time I think my ignorance of the whole process stops me worrying when going thru it as I don't know any better!! Sounds like all the girls have given u plenty of reassurance tho so I will just wish u best of luck xxx

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