Thin uterus lining

Hi all, after a failed ICSI I had an appointment today to assess what went wrong "and learn from our mistakes๐Ÿ˜’"

Cane out that my uterus lining was on the edge 6.7mm ( ideally it needs to be >8mm).

So Monday I m going in for a test drive as they struggled with a tight cervix too and a scan to see if there is any scarring in my uterus lining from there they ll see if they should ask my GP to refer me for a hysteroscopy (I want to ask if the endometrial biopsie will increase my chances too) and clear any adherence and consider widening my cervix if it's too tight.

My question is how can I help my lining to thicken? I m already doing acupuncture since November.

Also did anyone go for embryo glue? I m requesting it for my egg transfer ( we'll pay for it as NHS doesn't cover it)

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  • Check with your clinic as mine is NHS and use the glue as standard procedure X

  • The egg transfer is at king s college and the doctor at Kingston said that last time a couple had to pay for it as there is not enough evidence for its effectiveness the NHS haven't endorsed it yet.

  • L- argine supplements, vitamin e & raspberry leaf tea, all recommended by my acupuncturist. Need to be on the l- argine minimum 3 months. The doctor had me on a high dose of estrofem & estradot patches the week my lining was building. Hope of some use, X.

  • Thank you Molly2016, I told the doctor about vitamin E and she said to stop it as they want to avoid vitamins A and E ?!( I don't know why as the vit E helps to thicken the lining)

    I m taking the L arginine as part of the vitamin B complex.

    I ll get the raspberry leaf tea tomorrow ( I know they give it to help induce labour)

    How should I take these? Is there a better time to start during the cycle? Is it 1 or 2 a day?

  • I'm not sure about the raspberry leaf tea to be honest. I was actually told that it is meant to tone the lining of the womb so that it is thinner. I think that is why it is used to induce labour. It is also not recommended in early pregnancy so I would be wary of taking if when you are having IVF to be honest. X

  • So if they said your lining was on the thin side, why did they continue with the cycle at that time?

    My clinic use the glue as a standard procedure included in the cycles.

    On our last round we paid for the endometrial scratch as we wanted to throw everything at it.

    After our last round, our consultant mentioned a hysteroscopy too. I'm interested to know if having it with biopsies can cause scar tissue or any problems to affect anything in the future....

  • Same question from my husband regarding my lining but on the spot everyone I went there for a scan I was told my lining was nice and thick.

    I think after yesterday visit to the doctor I m even more confused and have even more questions. It always happens to me, I go there get emotional and bombarded by tons of informations that by the time I leave I m lucky to remember my own name.

  • Don't be worried about contacting them to ask the questions you have been left with or to see if there is a unit manager you can get the email address for...

  • Thank you I ll try it.

  • Hi, re the raspberry leaf tea, ask your nurse or doctor. My clinic said it was ok to drink up to the day of embryo transfer and not after that. I drank 3 cups a day and yes it's then reintroduced at the end of your pregnancy to bring on labour. It is one of those controversial things, some people drink it straight through pregnancy, others say stay away and others suggest before hand to prepare. I stopped after embryo transfer as I've a history of m/c. Re L-arginine, the amount in a vitamin b complex isn't huge, I was taking a soluble L-arginine, mixed with water, on an empty stomach and half an hour before eating three times a day. I built up the amount slowly from 1 a day. Again I started all these things 3 months before my last procedure.

  • I ll give them a call later but I think I ll see first without any support if my natural lining will build up for the scan next Monday.

    They want me to go on short cycle as soon as next periods which on one hand that's what I was praying for and on the other hand I m so scared what if it's not enough to fix what went wrong the first time.

    I m lost!

  • Hi, sorry to bombard you with loads of info, it can be terribly confusing. Give your clinic a shout and the very best of luck. My first scan showed a thickness of 4.5 which was really dissapointing and upsetting but the next scan it had jumped to 8.5 and that was a week before my transfer. Really wish you the best, X

  • Thank you Molly2016 it gives me hope that everything will fall into place and we'll be able to have our miracle.

  • Hello

    I had embryo glue. Actually I had completely forgotten until you mentioned it! When I asked at my NHS hospital they said they did it as standard. It seemed so routine I don't think it would have been mentioned if I hadn't asked!

    I do t have any tips for your lining. I went for acupuncture but see you're already doing that.

    Good luck! x

  • Thank you๐Ÿ™‚

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