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Anyone have a successful transfer with a thin lining? I've had two cancelled FETs due to my lining not getting above 6.8 despite being on the highest possible combination of oestrogen possible. Now on my third try and using oestrogen gel.... Had a scan today and again it wasn't thick enough so they may look at just transferring next week even though my lining is below the desired 8. Anyone have experience? I'm doing acupuncture, high protein diet, hot water bottles, raspberry leaf tea. x

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  • Hi denang. The thinnest lining one of my ladies had was 5.2mm and it did work! She went on to have a successful pregnancy and birth. I wish I could guarantee it for you, but it can sometimes work. Wishing you HUGE success with this. Diane

  • Thanks for this. That is encouraging. I have had a successful pregnancy through ICSI but not sure why my body isn't responding well this time.

  • Hi denang. I don't know. Obviously, after transfer you will need continued support with progesterone. Oh I do hope it all goes well for you. Diane

  • I had round 3 ET delayed due to thin and shrinking lining, it hadn't been a problem on rounds 1 or 2. They put me on Viagra and aspirin to improve blood supply. They were satisfied with 6.8mm. Sadly we got a BFN but at our follow up they didn't think thickness of my lining was a relevant factor for the failure.

  • Hi

    If I remember correctly my last transfer my lining was 6.9 and the doctor seemed fine with that. I had a fantastic pregnancy and have s gorgeous wee girl.

    Best wishes


  • Request an endometrial scratch, my lining was quite thin the first transfer didn't work the second one was a success as they decided to do the endo scratch as requested during the cervical dilation.

  • Dear I was also going to say d same medication as pm27. Viagra and some other medication as well to help with ur lining .

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