Thin lining

Hi Everyone 

Hubby and I have been trying for a baby now for 3 years with no success. For the past year I have taken clomid with no effect and more recently Letrozole. I seem to have no problems ovulating, my tubes are clear, the only problem appears to be my lining which never seems to measure above 6mm?

I beginning to feel so disheartened now. The next step is looking likely to be IVF which we will have to pay for as my hubby already has a child from a previous relationship.

And to top it best friend has just told me she is expecting her first baby. I'm so happy for her yet so sad! Is it normal to feel like this? ☹️

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  • It's incredibly normal. All of this is a roller coaster you want to be happy for your friends but it hurts and it won't stop. This place has been of real value to me through out everything. Good luck on your journey. X

  • Hello, reading this reminded me of my lining. If you read my blood the post titled 'private ultrasound' nhs ultrasound' and this link it may be a comfort to read? Have you asked the GP about taking aspirin low dose 75mg as I read it can help blood flow.


  • Thank you I have heard about Raspberry tea so I'll give it ago. I have a scan on Tues so I'll mention about the aspirin. X

  • You ll probably have a hysteroscopy to investigate your lining, insist on having endometrial scratching it increases the chances considerably

  • Ive had dye in my tubes, which were clear but I've had nothing to investigate my lining.

  • Usually if the lining might be the problem and they know it then hysteroscopy is next at least that's what I was told by my specialist. If you're private ask for it it can be done on the NHS.

  • Sorry to hear how disheartened you are (I have been there too).  Its very much a long shot but have you any other of these symptoms as well ?  There is some research that suggests it helps boost the endometrium lining in egg fertilization, decreasing the chances of miscarriage.  Just a random thought, but do stay positive.  

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