Just spent all afternoon reading a book all you lovely ladies recommended to help improve egg quality

'It starts with the egg' I now know I need to stop taking royal jelly and get also that I need to get a different form of coq10 as I've been taking coq10 ubidecarenone for the last 2 months instead of coq10 uniqol or something aaagh, plus ordered recommended 3mg melatonin . I've lost track how much I've spent on vitamins, acupuncture and not to mention the IVF it's self which we are due to pay this month yikes. Just hope some of these things work πŸ€žπŸ€ x

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  • Hi Nyko, that book has been recommended a few times on here. I think I need to check it out!! Good luck with your next cycle; I hope everything works out for you x x x

  • Thankyou and yes it's worth a read I found it interesting. X

  • Well I read it and made changes recommended and our egg quality this cycle improved so hoping it was down to the fortune we spent on tablets and paraben free products..I can't wait to wear nail polish and perfume again though and get some decent shampoo..just hoping it ends with a bfp though..ones on here this morning give me hope.after our bfn I would have tried anything 😯xxxx

  • I never even thought about varnish and shampoo. I've been using both without a thought but most of my other products are paraben free that I've used for the last 2 years which was nothing to do with the IVF . It's mad how many things can affect it isn't it ,we have to try all these things yet people get pregnant naturally without doing any of theses recommended things and all is fine . 😩 Xx

  • I found it a really interesting read and had no issues changing if it helped. .I did dhea too😊xx

  • I bought DHEA then chickened out of using it . I just couldn't decide I had 13 eggs but the quality wasn't great and it seemed to suggest better for people with a low number of eggs so I was just unsure. It's so hard knowing what to do for the best it seems America are more advanced with research and their clinics than the UK I worry that my clinic are not up to date with the times specially as when I rung them they said they hadn't heard of DHEA πŸ˜•

  • I found it to be such a positive message after the doctors told me point blank there is nothing that I can do to change egg quality. We exposure ourselves to so many chemicals and being girls we use so many products it really makes you stop and think what and why we put so much stuff on our bodies. If you have Netflix I would recommend watching the human experiment as it's along similar lines and about harmful chemicals we expose ourselves too and the effects its quite scary stuff xxx

  • Ive just started a new post which hopefully people can contribute to, to try to gather everyone's recommendations about where to get products from that are in line with the recommendations in this book xx

  • Good idea x

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