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Hi All, been lurking for quite a while and need a bit of advice.

I've just been told I can progress with my FET this month, I only have one frostie from my first cycle (I've had two fresh cycles but unfortunately both have failed). I was taking CoQ10 to prepare for a fresh cycle but this morning the doctor said I could do a funded FET before my 40th Birthday in a few weeks.

Should I stop taking the CoQ10 and is there anything else I shod be taking apart from Pregnacare conception? FET should be during the week commencing 6th Feb!

Thanks for any advice/help!


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I can't advise you but just wanted to wish you luck as I'm looking at transfer for my fet that week too 😊 🍀

Thank you for your reply.

Is this your first FET? I feel so unprepared as didn't think they'd allow it under funding so was just going to pay for another fresh cycle due to my age and only one frostie. So I think I'm still shocked especially as doing a non medicated so got to let them know when I surge within next week, it all seems to be rushed but in a way suppose it's a good thing I don't have time to worry and stress!

Wishing you so much luck too, how many Frosties do you have? Xx

Aww thank you. Good luck to you too! 😊 Yes first fet but I'm having a medicated cycle. My lining is not good by itself. We have 4 embryos but once they're gone we're out. We're paying for this fet and can't ever afford another fresh cycle x

Fingers crossed this one works for you. Are you having one or two put back? Keep me posted on how you're getting on, we can be 2ww buddies! Xx

That's a great idea 😊 My initial gut told me two but truth is now I just don't know lol. I had endo scratch on the 11th too. We will opt for embryo glue (we did with our fresh too). Just going to throw everything we can at this x

Hi there,

I am 38 and currently 10+6 weeks pregnant from a completely natural FET after an unsuccessful fresh IVF cycle, so I can vouch that it works! All I took was folic acid and vitamin D. Good luck! Xx

Oh wow congratulations on your pregnancy that's fantastic news 😃.

Did you take progesterone after ET?

Thanks for giving me a positive story and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xxx

Thank you! No, I didn't take progesterone either - just completely natural apart from the folic acid and vit D. We have unexplained infertility and for me I think stress was a major factor and not having to muck around with all the medication and take all the time off work just took so much of the pressure off and I think that's why it worked. My fingers and toes are crossed for you!! Xxx

That's amazing, I'm hoping I don't have to take the progesterone but if it helps obviously I'll take it.

I think this is what I'm finding so appealing as I felt so emotional and all over the place from the drugs before, fingers crossed I won't be so crazy this time! Good luck for your scan in a couple of weeks, look forward to hearing all about your journey xx

I've just done a FET however ended in a chemical for me. Always had issues with womb lining thicknesses, so from day 1 of cycle I took 800 vitamin e, l'argine, zinc, selinuim and drank pure pommegrante juice ( Pom) all of which are meant to help lining thickness. I got to 8mm which was the thickest I have ever got too, so def think all the above helped. They all increase blood flow to the womb. Good luck for your upcoming cycle xx

I'm so sorry to hear about your chemical, I hope you are bearing up as best as possible, do you have anymore frosties?

Thanks for the advice, I have read about l'argine but couldn't find it in Boots when I looked previously. xx

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