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Hey everyone I've just got my very first bfp, and I'm worrying I've had af like cramps sometimes light and sometimes strong coming every now and then! Plus poking feelings , I've never been pregnant before so I have no idea what is normal to feel an what isn't normal! Im literally worrying about everything I feel and my scan isn't for another 2 weeks xxx

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I'm afraid that worrying doesn't go away! :( but crampy feelings ate perfectly normal your body is getting ready to accommodate a whole other person there will be lots of strechy, pokey odd pains! Try and keep calm and don't google everything like I did!! X

Congratulations honey!! I'm sure it's fine, people describe these sensations a lot when newly pregnant. Best of luck on ur pregnancy journey x

Hi Holly-Jane. Congratulations! Try not to worry, I am 11 weeks 5 days and I've experienced mild cramping, twinges, pulling sensations from the start. The midwife told me to remember that your body goes through lots of changes and these pains are normal. Anything which is severe or any bleeding needs investigating. Good luck x

Hey Congrats... I can see from the other replies that you are pregnant but what does BFP stand. Apologies - I'm new to the forum and still getting to know all the abbreviations. x

Hey it means big fat positive on home pregnancy test xxxx

Awesome - thank you so much.... Well a Big Fat Congrats to you and your BFP :) Happy days xx

Hi Holly, I have just got my BFP too, and am also getting cramps. It does feel like I am about to come on - I have to keep going to the toilet to check.

Alot of people have also told me that they experienced this too! so It is normal it just doesn't stop you worrying though!

Chin up, you got your positive! Now it's time for us to relax and enjoy this! xx

Ladies it is indeed normal - first you may get them from your embie hatching itself into the wall of your uterus (hence the stabbing sensation) and then because your uterus is expanding to accommodate the pregnancy. I'm 6wks2days and still have the feeling that my little ones are having a party downstairs lol. I take comfort from the symptoms now rather than worry about them. I wish you all the best and a wonderful pregnancy xoxo

Immso worried about everything I've had neck pain and panicked but i do have a really bad cough and it seems to be going away with heat pack! I'm just going to try relax until my scan and what will be will be! Xxxx

I'm so glad I've seen this post as it has put my mind at ease. I've had like a dragging sensation since conception - a bit like a low level cramp. It's crazy isn't it - we wait so long for the BFP and now we are pregnant we are symptom checking all the time. I'm going to try and chill out and see the symptoms as a sign of my little bean getting comfy in there 😊 Xx

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