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worrying about EVERYTHING!

hi all, 

i am 40, and going through IVF for the first time (only time?!).  After a looooong wait, i started the down regging process on Tuesday.  My husband and I went into hosptial to get our blood tests (for Hiv, Hep b/c) and got my Prostap injection (into my tummy).  

Before we went in to the hospital,  I was worrying that as i have put on a Ib in weight, i would be told that i couldn't start the IVF treatment.   That wasn't the case. :)

Now, that i've started, i'm now worrying that i'm a carrier for Hep b/c or Hiv - ridiculous I  know! but does anyone have any techniques that i can use to stop worrying??  I'm guessing that its not doing me any good!

thank you!! xx

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No magic answers I'm afraid. I find keeping busy, setting myself little tasks to do, positing on here and talking to close freinds and family helps. Even though I knew I didn't have HIV, Hep B or C the wait for any test results can drive you a little mad, I think it's the not knowing. I felt better once we'd started the treatment cycle and the time line given to us by the clinic helped as I could tick things off as they happened. 

Good luck, fingers crossed for a BFP!

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Thank pm27, I absolutely KNOW that i dont have those horrible diseases either - so why the heck am i worrying?

geez oh.  just another 10 days to go till my scan...then starting the daily stimming.  (no doubt i'll worry about something else then!!) 

thank you :) xx


You might feel better once you get to the stimmulation stage as you're doing something rather than the endless waiting. I had a time line from the clinic and ticked the days off, that seemed to help.

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Hi snowwhite2705.  Hypnotherapy is good, but if you don't want to do that, why not treat yourself to a nice relaxation CD and get into the habit of listening to it before going for checkup etc.  Good luck with it all.  Diane


Hi dianeArnold, i reckon relaxation CD is exactly what i need! WIll shop for one today...and hope it makes a difference to my over active worrying head! :) thank you x


Hi snowwhite2705.  Good luck with this, as I'm sure it will help you with any procedure or checkup you need to have.  Diane


Isn't easy to stop stressing, but try as best you can as you'll need lots of positive energy over the next few weeks. Maybe try closing your eyes and visualising being pregnant and a baby. It might help you keep focus on what all the appointments and jabs are for, which at times can seem quite removed from the process. 


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