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I'm now 5 weeks 3 days pregnant and although I've had some random cramping in last couple of weeks today has been the worst. I woke up early with cramps and they continued on and off all day and then tonight I've either been lying down or sitting on sofa trying not to do anything as I'm that worried ( as if not moving is going to make a difference)

The cramps are exactly like i'm going to get my period and I know cramping is common but up to now it's only been a few minutes at a time and then no more.

I have them in my back and in my stomach. Last time the progesterone prevented the bleeding to start so all I keep thinking is its the crinone that is stopping it.

My 7 week scan isn't until the 10th- if we are told there isn't a heartbeat I don't think I would be that surprised. I am however petrified that that is the case. Freaking out.

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I'm so sorry your frightened. its a terrifying time. I got some pretty intense pains, through early pregnancy, much as you've described. Not always game over ❤

there's no bleeding which is good.

won't patronise and say relax, I'm sending a hug your way ❤

MrsTM13 in reply to misswinky34

Thank you. Is it too much to ask for our bodies not to cramp like we are having a period when it's the time of our life when we are meant to relish the absence of them. Not that anyone ever enjoys one anyway but I'm sure you get what I mean. Oh dear 😂🙊 x

You have a long wait before your scan, have you thought of booking a private scan? I know most clinics offer this service privately for around £89.

Having cramps is normal but having too many cramps like period cramps I'm not sure. The only thing I remember was when I had real bad cramps that I couldn't stand and 20 minutes later I started spotting/bleeding - this happened to me twice over 5 days (but that was during my 3rd week of pregnancy) EPU said it was implantation bleed and old blood making its way out and was not connected with the pregnancy and there was nothing to worry about.

We do get real worried especially as everyone's body is different and all our experiences vary from one another.

The other reason for the type of pain / cramps could be urine infection - get this checked out. It's very normal during pregnancy.

MrsTM13 in reply to Rubinaa

It's too early right now to see a heartbeat so I don't think a scan for at least another week would help. I'm really trying not to worry and although I didn't have cramps last time everything has me on edge. X

Rubinaa in reply to MrsTM13

I can understand. Us women can help it can we?

Oh hun I'm so sorry your feeling like this. I'm feeling the same as you scared stiff but opposite I'm not feeling a thing I'm a day behind you and I'm on crinone too. My scans on Friday I'm just convinced it's going to be bad news iv barely any symptoms apart from going for a wee frequently slightly tender breasts when touched and minor nausea every now and then. It's horrid feeling like this isn't it. Your scan is quite far away can you not get a private one when you then 6 weeks or maybe get two lots of bloods done 3 days apart 💗🤗😘

It seems like years away but I guess I'll just have to suck it up. If everything is okay I'd prefer to have to wait that bit longer and see the heartbeat but I saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks 3 days last time but symptom wise everything has been different this time. I felt sick for hours at a time by this time last time but then I've had other symptoms that I didn't have so it's all relative. I'm telling myself that's all because the sex of the baby is different but I'm trying to hang in as long as I can. I woke up with cramp again this morning but seems to have eased. x

They do say every pregnancy is different sometimes you'll get symptoms some times you won't sometimes they'll come and go.

It's such a worrying time I think the two is nothing compared to this.

They've already told me they might not see anything I'll be a day before 6 weeks. Need to have this app it's with miscarriage clinic they also need to check it's not ectpoic.

I hope your cramps ease off soon hun


Thanks. I haven't been in touch with a midwife yet but GP knows as obviously got prescription for progesterone. I think the only way I'd he having a scan earlier would be at EPU if I start bleeding. Good luck with your scan x

If they get to the point were they are too much or consistent let your gp know they might ring epu and send you to them. Or just ring epu for some piece of mind. Thank you hun. I hope we both get the reassurance we need soon sending you a big hug 💗🤗😘

I remember being in your position and doing more pregnancy tests, googling like mad. I do remember that I read it can be hormonal which could be positive as your pregnancy could be settling in.

I hope you can rest up and hopefully the time will past quickly so you can see your little bean xxx

MrsTM13 in reply to kirdrew

I haven't done any more tests and only have the rubbish internet cheapies left so figured I'd freak myself out more if it wasn't a thick strong line on one of those by now. I've read at this stage the uterus is moving and preparing for what is to come and that some people feel it more than others, I do usually get pretty horrendous cramps so maybe I'm just one of the unlucky ones. I just wish I knew everything was okay. x

I’ve had lots of crampiness and all was ok when we had an EPU scan last week at 7 weeks 2 days. It’s probably just your body adjusting for your little bean Xxx

Thanks for the reassurance. I hope so. x

Ps are you taking strong folic acid? I find that makes me crampy xx

No I'm just taking my pregnacare max and omega 3. But on crinone twice a day but I think my body has got used to that now. The pains were stronger but so far today they haven't been as bad. x

Bless you, I would book a private scan if you can, mothercare do them and our gender scan was only £39 so worth a look to put your mind at rest until next scan.

I am sure your cramps are normal but that's easy for me to say, but know the stress feelings and worry very well. Plenty of fluids and rest and check out that scan, they really were lovely at mothercare. Keep us posted xx

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