Bfp but feeling negative why?!

I was so excited Wednesday when I tested pregnant, had cramps and like I'm gonna come on ever since but now I'm full of worry, I feel like untill my first scan in 3 weeks I can't stop worrying, my husband thinks I'm being silly, but I can't help but think is this normal is that, I'm terrified I could lose it or it could be a chemical or eptopic. I worry so much sometimes I forget to enjoy the moment. I just feel we're at the top of the rollercoaster and I don't wanna come down. How did everyone else feel waiting for 6 week scan? How was your first Few weeks of pregnancy? How did you feel? I've had cramps, bad belly on and off, sore boobs, so tired constantly needing naps, bloated, but not feeling sick yet. Xxx

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  • It is normal. Sorry 😞 X

  • I feel for you. What you're feeling is totally normal. I've had 2 miscarriages through natural conception and it's only human nature to think the worst. I'm 8 wks now and whilst I have moments of excitement, I can't honestly say I'm enjoying it and refuse to let my mind run away with me thinking about my little bundle of joy! Don't worry about the not feeling sick part. Mine, as many others, didn't kick in until around wk 6-7. You may be lucky and not have any at all which isn't necessarily a bad sign. What I would say is relax as much as possible, eat what you fancy if sickness does kick in, get OH to help out as much as possible (you're allowed to milk it if need be!) and just go with what your body's telling you, ie, sleep when you want. Take care xx

  • Did you have bad belly on and off cramps on and off? So worrying isn't it, can't seem to enjoy anuthing without worrying zx

  • yes, I google everything and it's completely normal apparently. The progesterone is responsible (as well as things stretching to accommodate baby) but it will settle down and stop in another week or two xx

  • Thank you so much for reassurance, think I'll calm down after 12 week scan lol, going to my favourite sit down Chinese so hoping that will make me feel better lol, did you have any caffeine or intercourse before 12 weeks? Xx

  • oooh Chinese. Enjoy! I can't eat things like that anymore. Make the most of it just in case 😊 I've completely cut out caffeine, apart from what's in chocolate. I can't eat veg (makes me sick) but funnily enough choc and cakes are fine! No intercourse either although medics may tell you it's fine - best to check. It's been my personal choice really. Poor OH!xx

  • I had a really sharp pain when I turned over in bed last night you have any of them? Xx

  • yes, I got out of a friend's car and had a sharp pain that felt like it was coming from my let ovary but had pains in the right too. Who knows what's normal anymore!

  • Rang clinic they said aslong as they don't get worse and constant and they have gone your okay if so ring back cx

  • Hey I recently posted something very similar freaking about every little feeling and so scared of something going wrong. I think that is normal given how much we have gone through to get to this point. I am now 7 nearly 8 weeks pregnant and still having cramps and still feeling like af will appear at any moment but saw a lovely heart beat at 5weeks 6 days xx

  • All of what you describe is pretty normal and that rollercoaster will happen for 9 months so try and find some ways to relax and de- stress for you both. Your scan is really early so that a good thing and time will pass more quickly than you think. Be positive everything is fine and look after yourself xx

  • Is it completely normal how ur feeling i was the same when i had a positive back in 2015 my son is now 13 months old

    Waiting for that 6 week scan was the hardest and longest wait ever we were in Egypt just after i found out i was pregnant and i was to scared to eat anything out there the smell of the food kept making me feel sick, i remember being quite bloated, I was worried all the way through my pregnancy and then near the end i was in hospital due to reduced movement and then low fluid so I had to be induced

    Good luck and hope all goes well for you Xx

  • Yep it's completely normal. I spent my first trimester really freaking out about every symptom (I had the tummy cramps and bad belly too). I'm 16 weeks now and the anxiety hasn't entirely gone but I did feel much better after the 12 week scan and every time I go to the midwife and hear a heartbeat. Keep going lovely - just take every day at a time xxx

  • I had this sharp pain last night in bed when I turned over really worried about that, scared it could be eptopic ringing clinic now, anyway you can rule that out? I'm 3 weeks xxxx

  • The first scan will rule it out but I'm not an expert on these things - what did the clinic say? X

  • Said not to worry as they weren't all the time and aslong as I'm not in to much pain which I'm not it be okay, said it could be the follicles filling back up. Said it doesn't sound like that x

  • Ah good 😊 I know it's hard but it's a bit like the 2ww - you have to find ways to keep yourself distracted. And stay away from google - it'll drive you crazy! Xx

  • Oh god you sound just like me I am in a blind panic about everything especially my "lack of symptoms" or lack of feeling pregnant. We have gone through hell and back to get this bfp the thought of having it taken away is terrifying. Please stay in touch I would love to hear how you are getting on over the next few weeks xx

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