Stopping IVF drugs post scan

So after my scan early this week I was told how to finish off my drugs for IVF and took the last cyclogest, progynova, 5mg folic acid and clexane yesterday. I have to carry on with my aspirin until I'm 36 weeks. Did anyone else just feel scared in stopping the drugs? I sort of wish they gave you an extra scan a week or so after stopping just to reassure you your baby/body can cope without? I've got to wait til the end of march for the 20 week scan and it seems like such a long time to worry if my body can take over for the baby :( did anyone else feel like this and was it ok? I guess I hoped we would have a bit more certainty after the drugs stopped. What if my body can't cope without it all?

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  • Totally know what you mean! I felt exactly the same when I stopped mine but I was told that the body at that point has started to take over anyway. I stopped mine on the 14th Jan which was about a week and a half before my 12 week scan so I was lucky enough to have a scan after the meds had stopped. I spoke to the midwife about this and she has been brilliant and said I can have extra meetings with her and they can use the Doppler to reassure me if need be throughout the pregnancy as she knows I've been through a lot. It maybe worth chatting to yours for reassurance. If you wanted another scan you could go privately for one for peace of mind xxx

  • I never thought of that. We don't have much money after the last cycle but might see how expensive one is. I do have a midwife appointment on the 24th Feb. Can they use the Doppler etc at your appointment if you ask? I've only had one midwife appointment so I'm not really sure what they do and things. Xxx

  • Yeh I've just had the one appointment too although I've got two midwifes as one is training so I will be seen by both of them at separate times which can only be a good thing I suppose. I think the midwife said they can usually hear the heartbeat at 16 weeks which is when I would have my next appointment. I did look into having a private scan myself when I was having so much bleeding and it was about £100 in my area but that would have been on a Sunday which may have made it more expensive I don't know and different areas may differ in price. Know what you mean about the money though everything is so expensive. I've been having acupuncture too at £40 a go which was weekly sometimes twice weekly but thats been cut down to every other week now as I'm further along (I am 14 weeks tomorrow). Xx

  • I see ok thanks for you advice I will probably contact the midwife and look up scan prices thank you :) xxx

  • I felt exactly the same way. I needed progesterone injections and as much as I hated them, I felt so panicky when I had to slow down and stop them. I was also told to trust in my body as it was ready to take over.

    Everything in IVF feels like a leap of faith and this is your next challenge. I also had two private scans throughout my pregnancy when my worries got too much. Mine cost £90 with a company called Babybond and it is a lot of money but I needed it to make myself relax.

    Good luck and trust in your amazing body xxx

  • Thank you. I guess up until now my body has always let me down in so many ways I have no faith in it. Have to learn to trust it again xx

  • Hi KittyK. Try not to be scared, as your body will have kicked in with it's own supply of progesterone by now. It is scary stopping, but your scan must have been fine. You've had such close attention for so long and now your appointments will be a bit more spaced out - that's how it happens. As yllek1982 says you can always book a private scan if you want, and it shouldn't cost too much. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I had some weird spotting combined with cramps Friday and Saturday and my midwife wants me to go to EPAU for a scan in any case. Hope they're going to tell me it's just one of those things, guess it's almost like be careful what you wish for? The bleeding was very light brown but my midwife said because I had some pain too at the same time and with my history she wanted me to go to EPAU on Thursday for a scan just to be sure. Xxx

  • Hi KittyK. Yes fingers crossed. Brown blood tends to be just some old blood that's been hanging around and you decide to get rid of it! Best to get checked out though, so good luck with the scan. Thinking of you. Diane

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