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Hoping some of you can help with a question I have about buying IVF drugs. My husband and I are self funding our first round of IVF. We are due to go to a planning meeting this Thursday were we have to pay for our medications and treatment upfront. The treatment will then commence when my next period begins.

There is a tiny hope as there is every month that I could have fallen pregnant naturally this month, but of course I wont know this until another two weeks. In the meantime we will have paid our clinic for drugs which I may not need and these would be non refundable.

A local chemist can source the drugs for us and these would be much cheaper, but again, we don't know whether to go ahead and order them as there is that small hope we wont need them.

It is just so confusing. Can I ask if anyone here has sourced their own drugs and how long before your treatment did you source them?

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ASDA was the cheapest by a long shot! I gave them a weeks notice. It was plenty. They need 3 days minimum, if they need to get something in from far away.


Hi, thank you for the reply. We live in N.Ireland and unfortunately none of the ASDA stores here have pharmacies. So my best hope is a well stocked local chemist. I rang a few today and apart from menopur they can get everything within a day or two. We are going to ring the clinic on monday as I dont see why we have to pay them upfront for drugs before treatment starts. Especially as the drugs are not refundable.


I got quotes from local pharmacy as well as 2 well known supermarkets and our clinic. The clinic were the cheapest and dispensed drugs as we needed them.

If your local pharmacist can get them cheaper I would use them, they'd probably only need a few days to get things in stock.

Good luck.


Hi lou79; it seems really akward that you'd have to pay for the drugs before you're officially enrolled in the treatment. With my clinic, I had to inform them when my period started, they then wrote a prescription for me, which I received after approx a week. I started with the nasal spray on day 21, so I had plenty of time to source the drugs. I shopped around and got quotes from 5 different companies plus the one the clinic is cooperating with. I saved almost £1200 by doing this (I split my prescription between ASDA and Health at Home). Best of Luck to you.

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Thank you for the replies ladies. We are going to pay our clinic for the drugs as we go along. I rang them and they clarified everything and paying as you go along is an option they provide.


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