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*Trigger warning* 6+6 scan - empty sac 😢


*Sensitive* *trigger warning*

Hi ladies

So I went to my scan this morning at 6+6 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately my consultant could only see a gestational sac (which measures as it should) and no embryo/yolk sac inside 😔💔

They’ve told me to stay on all the drugs and to come back for another scan next week to be sure, but she’s prepared me for the worst.

Has anyone else experienced this? I feel so unbelievably sad.

I still feel very pregnant / morning sickness etc, they said my body was still producing hCG hormones so this is normal 😢

Did anyone have this and it was ok at the next scan? Did anyone have this and then get pregnant again afterwards?

Thanks in advance and look luck to everyone testing today xxx

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Oh Peanutchips I'm so sorry!! I really hope that it was just too early and that everything will be okay by your next scan but you must be devastated and it's so horrible having to wait. Thinking of you & hope you're getting lots of cuddles xxx

Thanks so much lovely x

I did at 6+1 and was told to prepare that nothing more will develop and then at 7 weeks all was ok. Hope all goes ok

Thanks sunshine. Wow that’s amazing. They seemed pretty certain that we should prepare for the worst. It’s hard to know 😢

You just never know but there is still hope. I know it’s hard as I have been there before. Really hope your situation turns out like mine did 🤞🏻

Oh no, I'm so sorry peanut chips! So incredibly unfair & upsetting for you. I dont have any advice but sending my love at this awful time!xxx

Thanks so much lovely. Really appreciate it. This journey is so tough 😢 Have you been able to start your next cycle yet? 😘 xxx

I've started on meds thanks! Hoping to transfer in a few wks so long as covid doesnt cock it up. Keep us posted....will be thinking about you!😘xxx

Thanks so much lovely. It really helps having the support of this group when feeling so low 😔 Everything crossed for you, hope you’re feeling ok on the meds xxx

Thank you! I'm lucky, I dont really get many sides effects. It really does help to have everyone here. I'm glad we can be here for you!!xxx

So sorry it wasn’t more positive for you lovely 😔 but hoping so much it was just a little too early and all is ok.

Sending love and hope to you xxx

Peanutchips in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks so much lovely. It’s so hard 😢

I hope your pregnancy is going well? Xx

CLDxxx in reply to Peanutchips

It’s very hard, I’ve been there too but at a different time 😢

Ok thanks lovely. Always worrying 😏

Here if you want a chat 😘 xxx

Peanutchips in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks lovely. I’m sorry you’ve been through it too, gives me hope that you got your BFP again. When is your next scan? Xx

CLDxxx in reply to Peanutchips

Thanks lovely. Always have hope 🙏🏼 I’m hoping for you so much 💞

It’s in 3 weeks - feels like ages but I did have an extra one only last week so that made me feel a bit better xxx

Peanutchips in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks so much 💕 Oh that’s reassuring that you had one last week. All the best for your next one, keep us updated xxx

CLDxxx in reply to Peanutchips

Thank you lovely. Hope you’re doing ok. Sending love and positivity to you xxx

CLDxxx in reply to Peanutchips

Thinking of you and sending luck for tomorrow 🙏🏼💗xxxx

Hi Peanutchips, I am so sorry about this but have read that 6 weeks could be too early. I do hope you would be able to see your embryo next week. Sending you lots of luck! X

Thanks Dreambaby. I don’t know, they seemed to be preparing us for the worst. Hard to stay hopeful! 😢 xxx

Stay positive! I am sure it would work out for you! X

I’m so sorry to hear this but hoping it’s too early and the next scan will be more positive you.

I have to have a follow up scan next week too so I know how upsetting it is and how agonising the wait is. Sending you lots of luck xxx

Peanutchips in reply to Janop79

Oh lovely, I just read your post. I’m so sorry you’re going through this too. Sending so much love and positive vibes for Monday xxx 😘

Janop79 in reply to Peanutchips

Thank you! It’s such a horrible wait. I keep going between being completely hopeful and positive to despair and negativity.

I pray that our follow up scans are both successful 🙏🙏🙏xxx

Peanutchips in reply to Janop79

Ok darling, I can totally understand that. Sending lots of love to you for Monday xxx

Janop79 in reply to Peanutchips

Same to you xx

Thinking of you xx I hope all turns out well x

Peanutchips in reply to Ivf2020A

Thanks lovely, really appreciate it xxx 😚

Oh darling I’m so sorry it wasn’t better news but hoping things turn around in the next week for you. Big hugs xxx

Peanutchips in reply to KiboXX

Thanks Kibo. This journey is so tough, was really hoping this was our time 😢

Hope things are going well with you lovely. Big love xxx

Sorry to hear such worrying news, I wish you the best that everything works out. Sending love and hugs ❤xx

Peanutchips in reply to Rach82

Thanks so much Rach xx

Thinking of you, really hope you have some better news at the next scan xx

Peanutchips in reply to Bunnywoo

Thanks Bunnywoo, that didn’t seem hopeful but we’ll see I guess x

I’m so sorry love. Like the others have said, hoping for better news at your follow up scan. Sending hugs xx

Peanutchips in reply to Solly-44

Thanks Solly. So nice to have the support from this group at such tough times 😢I hope your little one is doing well, big love to you xx

Sorry to hear this lovely. Hopefully next week things will show differently on the scan xx

Peanutchips in reply to Jonesy84

Thanks lovely xx

Sorry to hear this. Sending positive thoughts your way! Do update us when your ready too xx

Peanutchips in reply to Becksdk

Thanks lovely, I will do. I hope everything is going ok for you? Xx

Becksdk in reply to Peanutchips

It’s all going ok so far thank you. Will be booking my 1st scan tomorrow, hope I don’t have to wait too long. Xxx

Hi Peanutchips,

I’m so sorry to hear this.

But please ty and stay positive.

Carry on taking all your medications and eat properly because it could be just the fact it was too early.

Be positive and stay strong.

I pray it all works out for you💛❤️

Thanks so much lovely. It’s definitely hard to feel motivated with news like this but I have been continuing to take everything. I hope all is going well with you? Xx

Hi Peanutchips,

I know it must be horrible I completely understand I have been there before. But you must keep believing till every last chance.

Stay strong and I pray all works out.

Thank you for much I have been fine still same old waiting for my scan too.


Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so sorry that you’ve been through this too. I’m so happy that you have your happy news now and everything crossed that your scan will be well soon. When is it? Xxx 😚

Not too long left till the next scan for you. Everything will be fine hopefully.

My scan is 26th august which seems million years away lol.

For the past few days I have been feeling very anxious about everything .

Good luck 💛

Oh lovely, I can understand feeling anxious. Remember the chances of everything being fine are much higher than everything not being fine. Sending 😙 xxx

Thank you so much that makes me feel better!

Please do let me know how you get on Monday!

Lots of love💛💛

So sorry to hear this. It must be so worrying. But really hoping that it’s just a little too early and that you get better news next week. Sending big hugs lovely xxx

Thanks Picalilli xxx

So sorry you are left in limbo like this, I can't imagine how hard it must be but I am keeping everything crossed for you 😘 xx

Thanks PurplePiggie, I appreciate it xx

So sorry to hear this lovely. It’s such a horrible position to be in. I hope there is a positive outcome for you, and it was just a little to early to see on the screen. Sending hugs xxc

Thanks Kitty, it’s so hard 😢 I hope you’re doing ok and your little bean / s is settling in well xx

Thanks lovely. Not been the best few days as I’ve been bleeding on and off. Had a blood test today and a scan booked in for Wednesday. So just hoping everything is ok. It’s such a rollercoaster. Xx

Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that. Remember that bleeding in early pregnancy is normal and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. I understand your worry though and shall be thinking of you on Weds xx

Thank you my lovely. Hopefully it’s good news for us both at our next scan xxx

It just happened to me at 6+4 - same thing, only a sac (which measured a tad too small, too), completely "empty". Went for another (private) scan two days later, and everything was there, right on target...

I was not 99%, but 99,9% sure it was over, only my perfectly rising betas didn't add up (45.000 at the day of the follow-up scan)...

All the best to you - it CAN be well!

Peanutchips in reply to Kate2020

Wow, this is incredible. I’m so happy this happened for you. Do you think the sonographer just missed it the first time? Our consultant didn’t seem to think there was any hope and to prepare for the worst 😢 Thanks for sharing xxx

Kate2020 in reply to Peanutchips

I had a short but violent bleed that day, which started about 30min. before the ultrasound (lasted about two hours total). I got the impression the (older, experienced!) doctor was doing the ultrasound, just to confirm, what he was convinced of even before: that I was in the middle of a miscarriage... (I thought the exact same thing!)

Only later in the evening, going back through the events of the day, I got a feeling that maybe he/we had missed something, as the conviction was there before the scan....

It was a tough call, as I am on a serious medication protocol, due to this being a DE cycle, and my intial reaction was to just stop taking the meds and get this all over with... (the bleeding had been really violent - gushes of blood, with cramps and clots, the whole thing!)

My husband and I eventually decided that night, to not give up, yet, and give it a couple of more days...

On Friday, different doctor, also very experienced, she initially also could harldly see anything, still only a 10mm sac, "with maybe something in there". Only when I insisted, REALLY insisted, telling her that if that was her final diagnosis (I was 6w6 by that time), I considered I could/should stop meds, did she eventually pull out the external US. And there it was: 21mm sac, 6mm embryo, beating heart...

She went on mumbling something about my uterus being in a strang position (had never heard that one before...🙄).

But, honestly, I didn't care too much...😅

Peanutchips in reply to Kate2020

Oh my goodness, I’m amazed this was so easily almost missed. It’s so good that you pushed for the final verdict and got to see your little one. I’m so happy this worked out for you. I do remember being told years ago that I have a tilted womb, I wonder if this would make seeing things harder? I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much though xx

Oh lovely, I have everything crossed it’s too early. Sending a big 🤗 xx

Sorry you had this news but hold on to the hope, as the post says I just read above all can be ok 🙏🏻🤞🏼🍀 Think positive as hard as it is. x

I’m so sorry to hear this, I have been through a very similar situation last month. Went for a private scan at 7weeks and there was a sac but no yolk. Had to go to the hospital who did another scan and the same thing. Went back 2 weeks later and it had grown for a couple more days but then a week later I naturally miscarried. Currently waiting for AF to arrive so we can TTC again. The situation is heartbreaking and there’s nothing you can do. U will get through this and the sadness will slowly leave x

Peanutchips in reply to PinkyRC

Thanks so much for your reply Pinky. I’m so sorry you went through this too, it’s so sad after waiting and trying for so long. Pleased you’re close to being able to try again. Really hope this time is your time! Xxx

So sorry to read you are going through this!

I don't have any advice to share but I just wanted to send you some love and strength to get through this. ❤️❤️

Wishing you a successful result next week 🤞🤞🤞

Thanks so much Stacy. It really helps having some lovely and supportive ladies on the forum 😊 xx

I’m so so sorry. That is heartbreaking news. I don’t have a similar experience but I do know the devastation of going for an early scan thinking/hoping all will be ok and it’s not. My thoughts are with you and fingers crossed for a miracle at your next scan! X

Thanks so much Patches. I hope you’re doing ok too 😗 xx

Oh no, I'm so sorry. I had this at my 7 week scan, and the nurse said even at that point she has seen things turn around a week later. It didn't happen for me, but I also didn't have any pregnancy symptoms xxx

Thanks for sharing Hope. I’m so sorry you’ve been through this too xx

O I’m so sorry to read this Peanutchips. 😪 hoping it’s just too early 🙏🙏🙏 xxxx

I’m so sorry peanutchips. It’s just awful. I’m currently also going through the exact same situation now and nothing can prepare you. The wait makes it even more torturous but like others have said I have heard of positive outcome at their follow up scans. Have they taken your hcg bloods? If your hcg is going up this may give you more info whilst you wait for your scan. Unfortunately they rang me this morning to say my hcg is the same so have told me to stop medication as i am miscarrying and will discuss management on Monday at my rescan. Will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes xx

I'm so sorry for your loss lovely xxx

Oh lovely, I’m so so sorry you’re also going through this. It’s so tough. Did they say why it happened? They haven’t retested my hCG, my clinic seem to go solely by scan. I hope you’re doing ok. Look after yourself lots and rest as much as you need. Sending lots of hugs xxx

We’re having ivf for male factor infertility so I don’t know whether the sperm has had any influence as I’ve read research that suggests sperm quality may contribute to miscarriage risk. It was a top quality embryo but i suppose it just one of those things. I’m hoping they will be able to shed some light with our follow up appointment. I’m trying to take a positive from it as it was our first bfp so I’m hopeful for the future but it doesn’t make it any easier. Having the support of other ladies on this forum is very helpful in keeping our spirits up when things are hard though ❤️ I will be thinking of you and wishing you all the luck for next week 🤞🙏🏻 Xxx

Oh I’m sorry to hear this. Ours was a top quality blastocyst too, I guess there’s no way to really know unless you test them which we didn’t. I know what you mean about getting first ever BFP though, this is ours too after a long time trying to that gives me confidence that we can hopefully get pregnant again. Lots of love to you right now ❤️ xxx

So sad for you, and hoping it turns around at your next scan. The waiting must be agony. I'm sorry I have no advice, just sending hugs. Xx

Thanks so much panda 🐼 xx

Hello Peanutchips. How antagonising this wait must be for you. Just wanted to offer my support and hope. Stay safe and well. Sending positive thoughts your way. X

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