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Not the best news

Well yesterday was my 2 scan and my follicles are growing nicely had 3 measuring around 17mm and a couple more around 13mm and 14mm but after that had to do a contrast scan and my fears were confirmed I have a polyp the doctor even tried to removed it by injecting some fluid but it didn't worked so had to discuss the options with the doctor.

No neeed to say that being an egg sharer I had to think not only in me but as well in a lady that was waiting for my eggs so I'm goiong foward with the egg collection and will be freezing my embryos. So after all the wait to start treatment and having injections now there's more wait to find out when can I have the polyp removed, I've talked to my Gp and she will try to get an appointment for as soon as possible but the waiting just for the appointment has a waiting list of one month plus the waiting for the surgery so at the moment my head is just spinning. Tomorrow will have another scan to determine if egg collection will be on Saturday or Monday.

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Hi pinto8. Indeed not the best news at all. I think all you can do is to hope that your follicles carry on growing, which they should, then egg collection can go ahead. Obviously a huge hiccup finding the polyp, but just remind whoever sees you that the sooner removed the better, so you can get your FET organised. I do hope all goes well with the egg collection whether Saturday or Monday. Have a good rest afterwards and drink plenty of water. Thinking of you. Diane


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