Not the best news!

Hi everyone,

Desperate for some hope and support. I've just had my first scan which I was hoping to then get the go ahead to start the medication. The doctor told me that she could only see two follicles on my right ( one too small) and nothing on my left. She got me to do a test to check my progesterone levels and will call me tomorrow to advise on whether I should start or wait until my next cycle. I'm devastated. I'm on the tube and can't stop crying. My initial scan showed 6 follicles but my AMH is very low so the doctor told me the this scan today is more in line with my AMH. Has anyone been in a similar situation or know of anyone that has? I've been trying to keep positive but it's so hard when it just seems to be one punch after another. Please help xx

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  • Sorry to hear that you've had a bad start! I don't know how many follicles is ok as my clinic don't do this first scan. Do you know what your AMH is? Did you consultant give you any indication of what his thoughts were?xx

  • Thank you. My AMH is very low for my age. Only 1.0. She didn't tell me much and it felt pretty rushed and impersonal. She told me that it can differ from cycle to cycle and that it was to be expected because of my low AMH. The nurse was better. A lot more supportive and caring. I won't know until they get the results but she told me to try and relax and keep positive

  • I see some of the others have given you some positive stories. It must be so hard doing this on your own, you're very brave! You'll get lots of support on here, the ladies are great!! Try to keep positive!!xx

  • Thank you! It's tough and sometimes (well a lot of the time) I wish I had someone to share this with. Fortunately I have positive and supportive family and friends. I've decided to any tell a handful of my friends though because I can't cope with having to talk to too many people about it. It's silly maybe but I also worry that it will jinx it...

  • Well you have us to chat to now too! :) Glad to hear that you have supportive family and friends to be there for you, it all helps!xx

  • I do and it's really helping. Thanks again xx

  • Hi. I have low amh and only had 3 follicles on pretreatment scan. However, when I was on the stimming drugs, more did appear and on my best cycle I had 3 good quality embryos. That was a good result as only about 1/2 of cycles produce embryos to freeze, and I got 2 to freeze that time. Although I didn't get a positive from my ivf cycles, I have now fallen pregnant naturally, so clearly had some good quality eggs in there! It is really hard to hear your egg reserves were low and I will be honest, it had been incredibly hard along the way. We had actually made the hard decision to try donor eggs before we had our surprise natural result. You are way off having to consider things like that, and there is definitely hope for you, but there are options open to you xx

  • Congratulations! That's lovely news. I really am happy for you. My consultant also mentioned to me a few months ago that I could still fall pregnant naturally although that's difficult at the moment as I'm not single.

    Thank you so much for your positive message. I have to keep telling myself that there is hope. I also need to stop thinking about the worst.

    Congratulations again xx

  • Hey Hun don't be sad! Was this your baseline scan? I think on mine I had 3 follicules, and my AMH last year was 8.4, so low for my age. Once you start stimming you produce more follicues xx

  • Thank you. I wish I could. At least I've stopped crying every few minutes though. That's progress :)

    I had 6 follicles at my baseline scan but a couple of them quite small. My AMH is very low for my age 1.0. I'm 37 but have always been fit and healthy and there's no history of fertility problems on my mum or dad's side so it looks like I've been very unlucky.

    Thanks again xx

  • Same here, no hint of any sort of hereditary fertility problems and fit/healthy, I still get regular periods too. I know how you're feeling; it was like a bereavement for me.

    I too had not many follicles on my pre-treatment scan (AMH 2.1 at age 32), I think I had a total of 5. Through mild stimulation, some did grow though, so don't lose hope about that.

    During my first cycle I had 2 follicles that grew on the left but nothing going on on the right. During my second cycle, I had a couple on each side. It's just a case of them waking up.

    As I haven't had a good outcome yet, others in this forum are better placed at giving hope than I am. But as far as follicles go, don't assume that they won't respond and grow, because I did, and I was wrong!x

  • Thank you so much for your message. I really appreciate it.

    I agree. Finding out about my AMH was like a bereavement. In fact, it felt a little like my world had ended. I didn't take it well at all.

    What you have said about follicles and waking them up has really helped. I just hoping and praying that my next cycle will be better. Still can't believe that my period finished earlier than normal. Not sure if this had an indication or not.

    Thanks again and good luck xx

  • :( I have low amh and Afc. :( I didn't get many follicles either. Sending you lots of love. It'll be painful now but you want a cycle with lots of follicles. I'm just arriving in London... swinging lots of hugs underground xx

  • Thank you. You're right although I think I'm unlikely to get many follicles because on my low AMH at least that's what the consultant implied.

    Hope all is going well with you xx

  • I had a really low amh only 0.05...they used the short protocol and maximum drugs..menupur. .I responded really well. There is hope

  • Thank you so much for your message. It really has given me some hope. Congratulations by the way. I read a few of your posts and discovered that you now have your own little one. Really happy for you. I need to remember that there's always a chance xx

  • We were refused nhs treatment based on my low amh. Didn't realise I could have gone to another nhs hospital that didn't even look at amh,just fsh and afc. Going private to care was the best decision ever made. Even got a frozen embryo

  • Janop I just want to reach out and give you a big hug I've cried so many times on tube home as I know how upsetting it is coming to terms with low amh. From what I gather each cycle can give different results which is really annoying to hear as you never know what is happening month to month. I've had a scan when I had 3 follicles then another showed 7 then started on menopur and only produced one follicle so cycle was cancelled. I also fell pregnant 6 months ago and then mc so trying to hold onto this hope. I know its so hard to stay positive and get out of the negative thinking. Has your clinic offered or have you had any counselling or considered joining a support group? It's really helped me to speak to others face to face dealing with the same difficulties everyone is in a different situation but it makes you realise that there are other options to consider xxx

  • Thank you so much for your message. It means a lot. So sorry for what you've been through and I really hope that you get some good news soon.

    It's good to hear about how one cycle can differ from another. The consultant did say this too but didn't really go into it. This gives me a little more hope. I have another scan tomorrow to find out if I start medication or if I have to abandon this cycle and wait for another one.

    They have offered counselling but it's so expensive so I think I'll go back to my own counsellor instead. That's a good idea about finding a local support network. I'm going to look into that this morning.

    Thanks again xx

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