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Another polyp :(


Hello again to all of you lovely ladies (and a few men) on this site! So nice to see so many bfs recently!

Like the title says, it looks like I've got another uterine polyp, just 6 months after the last one was removed!

Went to the clinic this morning for a scan (CD7): follicles growing nicely, measuring well, and egg collection currently estimated for next Monday. Because of the suspected polyp, my gynaecologist wants to do a freeze all cycle. The problem is when and where to get the polyp removed. Going via the NHS is probably out of the question due to waiting times. Going private in the UK will cost a bundle. Coming over here to Greece is certainly the option I feel happiest with, but timescales are tight once the academic term begins...Decisions, decisions.

Was feeling a bit low after the appointment, so hubby took me for a pita-gyros. While we were eating, a small butterfly settled on the table beside me; the wind was blowing quite hard, and I watched this tiny butterfly cling on to the tabletop with each passing gust. A silly metaphor, really, but it gave me hope: 'just hang in there', I thought to myself.

Trying to focus on the positives for now. The Dr tells me I have a good number of follicles and he's happy with my progress. Let's hope we get some embryos.

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Sending hugs 🤗 🦋 xx

Tomorrow_1 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks Tugs. Sending hugs to you, too. Was very sorry to hear about your bfn. Here's hoping for you FET. Hope the bunnies are keeping you happy.


Hi Tomorrow_1. Not what you want to hear, but if you trust your specialist, then I would go with what he advises. Hopefully you will get some decent embryos to store frozen, then "get sorted" and they will be safely waiting for transfer, probably on a natural cycle. Just really wanted to wish you well with it all, and of course for success. Diane

Thanks Diane. I'll definitely follow my specialist's advice. The difficult decision is where/when to get the polyp done, because flying UK-Greece during term time is almost impossible. At worst, it will delay my FET until June/July next year, but I'm trying to find ways of getting the polyp done sooner! Here's hoping!

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Tomorrow_1

Indeed. Fingers crossed. xx

Hey! I'm sorry to hear about this! I actually had a very similar thing happen to me! I had to freeze my embies because of a uterine polyp that needed to be removed. If you want to chat, I am here! xx

Tomorrow_1 in reply to KiraJean

Thanks KiraJean! How long did you have to wait to get the polyp removed? And are you doing treatment via the NHS?

KiraJean in reply to Tomorrow_1

Hiya! I had to wait almost 6 months on the NHS. Basically you have a pre-op appointment and then you are supposed to have the operation within 18 weeks of that appointment. If that times out without you having been given an operation date, then you have to have another pre-op appointment and can potentially wait another 18 weeks. I had my first pre-op appointment in November 2017, had the operation on 10 April and then had to wait until 10 June to have a follow up appointment to tell me everything was fine. I did have to pay for the follow up appointment for some insane reason, but the operation itself was on the NHS. Looking back I would have gone private as I have been waiting almost an entire year now to start a Frozen embryo cycle. We had one cycle of IVF on the NHS that did not work, but now we are paying for the second cycle. That is the post-code lottery for you!

I really hope the whole process is easier for you and wish you lots of luck and baby dust! xxx

Yes hope so wishing you all the best x

My partner had the same thing - we froze all & then had an appointment with the GP to refer her to a gynaecologist. The GP suggested paying for the initial consultation (I think it was about £150), & ask to be put on the NHS list for treatment. This was because sometimes you can wait for months just to see the consultant & get on the procedure list,.

We saw the consultant mid-January 2017, & the procedure done mid-March 2017. Unfortunately, when we went to the IVF clinic in May/June 2017 to start process for FET, they discovered another polyp!! The second time we didn’t have a consultation because she was already under a consultant, but we had to wait about 8 months for the second removal (think that was due to one of the consultants being off sick though). The second polyp was finally removed in March 2018, & she is now 22 weeks pregnant. 😊

I would definitely recommend looking into paying for the initial consultation to get you on the list quicker xx

Tomorrow_1 in reply to DisneyJL

Thanks DisneyJL! It really does sound like you partner had exactly the same thing. It's the wait time that worries me with the NHS - I don't think I could bear 8 months! - and also, I'm a bit unsure as to whether the gynaecologist who operated on me last time actually did the job properly. So you can see why I'm pretty hesitant about going down the 'public health' route. Hard as it will be, I may just pay to get in down privately, with my specialist in Greece...we'll see.

Congratulations on your partner's pregnancy! Wonderful to hear success stories like yours. They give us all hope.

Yeah, she felt the same. The second time it was done by a different consultant because the original one was off sick, so I don’t know if it was done differently the second time? I mean if you can afford it then I think you’d be better off having it done privately, we probably would have if we had the money. Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide! 🤞🏼🍀

& thank you very much, I’m glad it gives hope, that’s exactly what we want to achieve. ☺️


I’ve had a similar experience but I’m having IVF on the NHS but at a private clinic (due to them being the only specialists in the area)

When they found the polyp the consultant sent a letter to my GP and told me to use choose and book. So I was able to choose any hospital in the area that I wanted to have the polyp removed. My IVF hospital does the procedure so I was referred there and even with waiting for an NHS referral appointment and operating slot it took only four months start to finish. I hope you get everything sorted in the end. It’s awful when you’re told your having to put your cycle on hold x

Thanks, that's really helpful. I hadn't heard of the 'choose and book' service. It may be a good option.

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