2ww and feeling cold

Hi guys I'm 2 days into the 2ww and the paranoid thought have started!

I've been feeling a bit cold the last few days it's been cold out so I put it down to that but more recently I've had cold hands, stupidly I did a google search for cold and and feet and it came back with low progesterone! I'm on the pessary 400mg twice a day which should help. Do you think I should get a progesterone checked? Is this a normal feeling? I'm just so worried as last year I had a miscarriage at 8wks last year and had the same cold feeling.

Thank you for listening x

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  • I get hot then really cold. All these side effects are from the drugs. Try not to worry.x

  • Thanks kee kee21, I was doing so well (well for 2 days!)

    True it probably is the drugs. It's so nice to have an outlet that's not DH x

  • Hey lovely

    Welcome to the 2ww, I can't say I suffered with being cold, I certainly got the hot flushes tho, but two of my friends who went through ivf and it worked first time told me to always make sure my feet are warm which means your womb is warm. So I used a hot water bottle under my feet for the first week, whilst relaxing at home, it may not be for you but I thought I would share it. Good luck πŸ€Xxx

  • Thank you Emma Jane, I'm sitting in th my hot water bottle now 😘

  • Perfect keep those feet warm πŸ‘πŸ˜˜ xx

  • Hi there, I was also really cold during my 2WW but never thought it might be a sign of too low progesterone. I used lots of hot water bottles for my feet though ;) (not on the tummy anymore though). Good luck!!

  • Hi hun! I'm going through 2ww now and I've noticed this weird feeling too. But it's pretty cold everywhere and I haven't paid attention till I saw your post. Maybe it's alright, maybe it's just our body tells us we need more warmth for a future baby. gosh...I hope it's nothing. Btw, didn't you lose appetite? I can't eat now and don't feel hungry.

  • Hi Minerva 17,

    I think I'm just being crazy and the feelings are coming and going. Also I did my no no thing and looked at google! It can relate anything to anything. I'm not hungry as I usually am permenstrually. I think it might be the bloating. I am however amazingly irritable at work!! Not good!! How are you?

  • maybe we all are a bit crazy,uh? You better not google this, it may distress anyone. Oh, irritation, right...the same thing. however, I don't work now and I'm on edge when doing housework and I think it looks weird. I washed the dishes and when it was hard to scrape a plate I just broke it. I fight against furniture...I felt hungry yesterday evening, it's a good sign I guess. Hope everything fits together...

    What about you? Any news?

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