2ww feeling confused

Hi, this is my first post, I'm 9 days in to my 2ww on our first IVF cycle, I had 2 embryos put back, have some time off so resting up and taking it easy, but I'm feeling confused! One minute I feel fine and the next I feel crampy, keep thinking that's it af is on her way then it eases off again, in the evenings I've had pains like a stitch sometimes one side and sometimes both, about 3 days in I had really sharp stabbing pains for a few seconds, hoping it was implantation but I just don't know?!

The wait is driving me nuts, just wish I could see what's going on inside! sorry for the rambling, trying to stay positive but feeling a bit low today πŸ™

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  • Hi there Nemo,

    Easier said then done I know, but my wife's just come to the end of her 2ww, and like you, she took it easy but had very similar days. Just remain calm, positive and relax. Everytime, you get stressed, just deep breathe and remember all the positive stuff. You have done extreamly well to get this far. Your one and only priority now is looking after your embies.

    We also but two back due to the wife's age, and sound advise from our client.

    I wish you all the very best age justvtage each day as it comes

  • Thank you for the kind words, I'm trying to find things to take my mind off it all but some days are harder than others.

    Hope all going ok for you and your wife

  • Dear, I feel your words like this was written about me. It's my first cycle, only it's my 8th day. have 2 embies on board! i can't get rid of these controversial feelings about all this. I had cramps and thought it was AF but still no blood, fortunately. this waiting game seems to be never-ending... But!!! Thinking about the baby inside (and I'm sure there is at least one, although it's bfn now) I start feeling better. however, i can't concentrate on something and all my thoughts are about our future. I'm keeping fingers crossed for us, Nemobaby! xxx

  • It's hard to wait isn't it?! I want to test early but know I'll be devastated if it's negative, and I promised my husband I would wait. I'm still hopeful that this will all have a good outcome, will keep fingers crossed for us and everyone in their 2ww! X

  • That sounds all too familiar, hang in there one day at the time!! This entire waiting game is really hard.. but you've done so well to get this far so look after those little embies 😍

  • Thank you, I knew I wasn't very patient before, but this is torture! I'm doing everything I can to keep my embies snug and safe 😊

  • i am exactly the same, but im testing tomorrow, so i just hope its all good news. but just remember that all the drugs your taking with be causing the AF pain. good luck to you, when is your OTD? xxx

  • Oh good luck for tomorrow, will have everything crossed for you 😊 Im due to test on Monday, seems like forever away πŸ˜• X

  • it really does feel like for ever at the time but i looked back at the past 2 weeks and its actually gone really quickly lol. oh good luck for monday lovely, xx

  • Thanks Hun, hope you get a BFP tomorrow, sending positive vibes your way x

  • Thank you lovely xxx

  • It is torture I agree!! I'm sure you're doing great 😊😊 EmmaJane we'll all be with you in spirit tomorrow xoxo

  • thank you hun xx

  • Hi Nemobaby im feeling exactly like you and just posted about the exact same thing before I saw your post! This is our second round so I was feeling a bit more relaxed this time but now I'm starting to find it really hard and just can't stop thinking about what's going on inside. I'm coming to the conclusion that it's only natural to feel this way when we want something so much and they do say it's the hardest part of the process. Maybe we shouldn't try to stop thinking about it but make sure every thought is a positive one about our embies growing inside us. So much easier said than done I know but I'm going to give it a try 😊 Hang in there! πŸ€Xx

  • Hi cheshirekit I think you're right it's only natural to think about it all because it's wanted so so much and because we have no control over it, it is tough, but have to try and keep positive! I've been listening to positive calming hypnosis stuff at night to help me sleep, which it does, some of its a bit strange (don't hear much of it 😴), but I'm willing to try anything!

    When's your test date?


  • Sounds good πŸ‘πŸΌ We have to do whatever gets us through! My test date is next wed 15th, when's yours? Xx

  • Mines on Monday πŸ™πŸ» Hoping for a nice early valentines present πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ˜ x

  • I'll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ€xx

  • Hi nemobaby I know exactly how u feel. Ive been having cramps since 1dp5dt and it's awful. Im so bloated and feel like AF is coming. I've held out on testing early as my last time I tested early then started to bleed the next day and had a chemical pregnancy. I would advise u to put it to the back of ur mind - easier said than done I know. I'm due to test on Fri and it's killing me sitting at home so I've been visiting family ALOT to keep my mind off it. Good luck xx

  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your last result, fingers crossed for Friday. I can relate to the bloating, I feel weirdly full at the moment, hope it's a good sign! Its good to keep distracted but my mind wanders back to it way too much, especially when I get cramps, but I am trying, I've caught up on loads of tv. I don't have any family close to where I live and I haven't told any of them what's going on, a few friends know so I'm keeping in contact with them which helps.

    Good luck for Friday, hope you get a BFP xx

  • Hey babez i had all that ur experiancing and got BFP..so fingers crossed u will get ur BFP 2 xxx

  • Thank you, am trying to stay positive and not freak out too much x

  • Bless you Nemo, the 2ww is the hardest part of this whole process 😒 I hope you're feeling better tomorrow, one day closer to your answer. Wishing you lots of luck x x x

  • Thank you, it sure is tough, hope a good nights sleep will help and I'll be back to feeling more positive tomorrow xx

  • Fingers crossed honeybun, it's so hard. Stay strong, you're almost there x x x

  • Hiya

    I'll probably get told off for saying this to you but when I got my BFP the line started to appear from 10 dpo....... the cramps are a good sign, getting pregnant hurts.

    I personally find it easier to start testing early it sort of prepares me for the disappointment if it's no or when I was pregnant I was reassured by seeing the line get stronger each day because it meant my levels were rising. Remember to test on your first wee as soon as you wake up, the levels will be more concentrated.

    Whatever you decide, hang in there and good luck x

  • Thank you 😊 I'm feeling more positive today, trying to take the cramps as a good sign that good things are happening. I was really tempted to do an early test today but it's DHs birthday and whilst good news would be an amazing present, I don't want to risk bad news so will hang on a bit longer!


  • Wishing you all the very best for tomorrow πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Thank you x

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