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2ww progesterone


Hello ladies,

I was hoping for your thoughts on progesterone. I have survived week one of the 2ww (third time here!!) we had a 2xd2t and so far I have tried to keep calm , rested not drive myself totally mad with “is that a symptom or just wind.... “ the cramps did just turn out to be trapped wind 🙄

But the progesterone question - “am I on enough is still there ...” (my clinic don’t measure it)

Last cycles I again had top quality eggs (they said ) so I only ever had a few collected and therefore only 2-3 to put back (hence day 2) but I think implantation is my problem ( I had fibroids and some scaring - removed ...)

So my clinic gives a leaflet for what to do after and it’s ticked 1x 400mg Cyclogest (progesterone) suppositories twice a day in the front door... which I had been doing since EC. But for the last 2 days I have increased to what the second line (on the info sheet says) and taken x3 a day - I did this in a panic as I’ve not had any symptoms for the last few days just a bit moody like pmt. 😡🤬 Also I just want the best chance for my little embies - don’t we all!

Do you think this increase can harm implantation? Can I ask what you ladies are on a day?? Suppository wise

I’m trying to maintain calm and it all seemed rational when I did it... now I’m worried I may be overdosing!!!😞

Thanks in advance for your help I really appreciate some thought xx

Also sending lots of love and positive hopes for you all no matter where you are on your journey... 😘😘😘

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Hi lovely

Im 14dp5dt 1st fresh cycle -bfp ! My clinic told me to take two pessaries a day, I take both last thing at night before I fall asleep. Were you advised to increase the dose? If not, I wouldn’t do that, I read somewhere that much progesterone is not good for your little embryo. Contact the clinic if you have any doubts!

Good luck!

Buisquits in reply to Buisquits

Btw I had no symptoms whatsoever, but in normal pregnancy not many women do! I wouldn’t worry too much! ❤️

Hi Buisquits,

congratulations on you BFP!

I was advised one morning one evening. Your right I need to forget symptom spotting - it's so hard not to. Ive give back to 2 per day, hopefully my 2 days of extra dosing have not done any damage!

thank you so much for replying xx

Good luck GreenApples! Not all of of have early symptoms. Keep me updated :)

I wish there was a standard drug delivery for ivf. I will be on three a day... but I’m not sure how they base this. So many women do two. I’d check with your clinic maybe? x

GreenApples in reply to emu2016

Hi Emu016, I so wish it was all the same, it would stop a lot of worry. Ill check with them tomorrow


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