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2ww and flu/cold symptoms

Hi ladies i am currently 11dp 5dfet and on day 9 i got a sore throat which has gone on to become a full blown cold/flue today. This morning when i ised the Crinone vaginal gel (progesterone) i realised a few hours later that it was all out on my panty liner (sorry to be so graphic ) probably from all the sneezing.

Has anyone else on here had the cold/flue during 2ww ? And should i call my clinic and let them know that i cannot keep the Crinone vaginal gel (progesterone) in as im sneezing?

Thank you so much in advance for reading and goodluck to everyone who are on their 2ww .

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Hi Aysel,

I have had cold like symptoms after all of my transfers.

Sore throat, blocked nose etc.

I read that apparently your immune system takes a bit of a dip as your body prepares to accept the embryo implanting.

I think it is really common based on what I have read in line.

Wishing you lots of baby dust during your 2ww.



Hi lmb1979 thank you for your reply... yes i did some research online last night and apparently its quiet common but i feel so ill i dnt think i have ever really been this ill before.

Hopefully its good news as this is my 3rd ivf ... thank you and takecare

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Interesting about the cold, I've been sneezing like crazy and felt like a cold is lurking. I had a horrendous sneeze about two hours after ET and my husband asked if the embryo was still in!

The pessaries only need to be in for 20-30 mins to be absorbed so as long as you can keep them in that long you should be good.

I'm using hole number 2 for the pessaries. But I'm on a different one that look like little bullets.

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Yes I had a really bad cold and sore throat. I had to take paracetamol in the end as I was too ill.

With regards to the pessaries they dissolve pretty quickly. I used to take them in the evening when lying down for at least 20 minutes so even if you sneeze they should stay put!

I got a BFN first round unfortunately.

Good luck on your journey and try to relax and keep your strength up. Your body is going through a lot, so it is quite common to get what they call an IVF cold!


Thank you beebeestar... yes i read online last night that its quiet common as well ... im sorry to hear about your bfn this is my third round of ivf and its starting to feel like this isnt going to work either. I havent had the courage to take a hpt to check so im going to have to bear it until test day.

I wish you lots of luck on any future ivf cycles and thank you for replying .


Our bodies do all sorts of strange things in this time so don't worry about the cold although I hope u feel better soon as it's not nice to be feeling poorly. My understanding is that the pessaries release what they are supposed to in the first half hour (I was told to lie down for 30 minutes after) so I was never worried about the leftovers coming out later on!!

Good luck for a BFP xxx


Hi 72cloud9 im actually really suprised that they told you to lie down for 30 minutes as i was told the complete opposite. Are you using the gel or the bullets? because with the gel they normally say to lie down for a minute and then walk around for 15 mins as moovement helps the body absorb it better.

Thank you for your good wishes as we all need all the luck we can get in this ivf rollercoaster.


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