Nausea in 2ww?

Hello ladies,

I had a 5-day transfer last week Saturday, and am due to test coming Wednesday. I've been up a few times during the night feeling very nauseous and thinking I was going to vomit. Now whilst I might have eaten something wrong (had a burger out last night), normally the way my body would object is diarrhoea, not nausea.

It could be a bug of course... or maybe even side effects of those progesterone pessaries (11 days in?), but I can't help but wonder if it's a very early pregnancy sign? Has anyone experienced nausea during their 2WW and did they turn out pregnant or not?


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  • I've been having some nausea too, only short spells. It's every little symptom isn't it?! I am bloated and my boobs are massive and very sore, but it could be the meds, they told me I'd feel like I was pregnant. My test day is Thursday, it's driving me crazy, I'm so preoccupied! Xx

  • Hi Reubo,

    My breasts are massive too, and the bloating is also there. But both have been there since egg retrieval (which is when I started taking the progesterone), the nausea is a new thing. So far I've kept my head cool but I'm starting to struggle with keeping it that way! Exciting week ahead for both of us! X

  • Hiya.. Yes I did this round and went on to get BFP, my Nausea lasted until 12 weeks into pregnancy.. So fingers crossed... It's hard as other drugs make you feel pregnant so can give false hope... Wishing you all the best.. Will be watching out to see xxx

  • Thanks Jaky, fingers crossed this is a good sign then! Weird how one can wish for nausea after all this ;-). Hope you're well? X

  • I had days when Nausea stopped and would panic and want it to reassure me.. Even though I felt dreadful.. Only us girls on here understand it... Wishing you loads of luck xxx

  • I had a really bad evening of nausea during my TWW. I had a curry and couldn't even eat it went to bed and 7.30 and was asleep by 8. That's totally not like me. I got my BFP when I look back at the dates it would have been Around implantation! Who knows interesting! Good luck to you xxx

  • Oh how exciting! Congratulations first and foremost to you. Fingers crossed I follow your path! I've been knackered too... How are things for you now? Xx

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