2ww madness

Was feeling all chilled and me and hubby are away for a weekend in Wellington to distract ourselves. This morning I've been progressively getting slightly crazier. I've never been tempted to test early cos don't want to get a false negative but not sure how I'm gonna get through the next few days until Friday. I've started obsessively symptom spotting. When I got my bfp I had a one off very painful jolt in my groin (weird) and then had spotting from day 6.

I hope all you other 2ww ladies are doing better than me. Maybe cos I know this is my last chance. X

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  • It's hard to stay relaxed or do nice distracting things, it's always there in the back of your mind and sometimes your thoughts are more intense which makes it so much harder to cope with, I'm on the 2ww also, just day 3 for me, your doing so well, just a few more days for you to test, you've come this far!! I'm adamant I'm not testing until my date but I completely understand why people do, this is my first time so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of symptoms and what's a good sign and what's not but I'm trying hard to take each day as it comes, I feel I've got so long to go yet but it's been a much longer journey to get here so I'm trying to stay strong and positive!! I wish you all the best of luck for good news on Friday, take care of yourself ❀️

  • I'm not doing so great either! I'm already resigned to thinking it's not worked!! I'm not sposed to test til 4th!! I probably will wait as I don't think I can bare to know for sure if our dreams are over!!😒

    I really really hope for u that u get a good result on Friday xx

  • You take good care of yourself too, this is such a difficult time, I'm sending you positive thoughts and wishes that you do get good news, hang in there ❀️

  • Thanks Hun, wishing u all the best to xxx

  • Thank you ❀️

  • Hey cloud and manatry,

    Easy for me to say but hang in there, stay positive you won't know until you know xx

  • Hello everyone I am also on the 2ww only had transfer on Thursday so ages off test day. I feel quite relaxed but haven't had any symptoms no cramps, niggles nothing, I feel a little bit dizzy but that's a side effect from the lubion injections xx

  • Its so difficult to stay sane, this is my first cycle & im on day 5 post transfer. I keep going up and down on how im feeling, one minute i think its worked the next i think it hasnt.

    Ive had a few tummy cramps but who knows if thats af on her way or implantation.

    Im determined to wait till test day as dont want to get a false reading, but its so hard to wait so can completely understand those who dont.

    I think ill be ok once back at work (never thouht id want to be at work lol) tuesday as its so busy and no one knows there so dont have opportunity to talk about it.

    Im not sure how ill get through next weekend eeekkk.

    Best of luck all really do hope everyones dreams come true x

  • Try to hold out until Friday.

    I really hope you get a BFP.

  • Hi, I'm on my 2ww too. Test Friday! I've been the same and had no signs of anything, felt the same as normal. I've been having crazy dreams πŸ™ˆ I have everything crossed for you. Try and enjoy your weekend (easier said than done) xx

  • I'm on the 2ww too. Test a week today and I'm finding it hard already! Think the weekends are the worst and it's an extra long one lol. I had cramps yesterday which I really hope was implantation 😬.

    Last cycle I did test two days early and got a BFP but am so scared to test on time let alone test early but I can see myself caving.

    Good luck! Xxx

  • You ladies are all so lovely. This forum is such great support. Don't fly home until tomorrow so at least not too many days until Friday. Sending lots of positive vibes to you guys too. X

  • Oh it's just awful isn't it, I was fine & chilled the first week, thought I'd cracked it this time..then the 2nd week it was like a different person took over my mind 😳 It's so hard. It's probably best not to test early but to be honest I'm glad I did as I want to know that I've had another chemical pregnancy because it has happened before (possibly more than once including naturally) and at least I can look into what I can do about that.

    I really hope the rest of your week goes fast and it's a lovely happy ending for you. Lots of love xxx

  • You can do this xx

  • Try to stay positive!! It's hard to keep the mind occupied in the 2ww as we all know! Hang on in there!xx

  • I can relate to the madness! My test day is Friday too, was doing ok and feeling fairly normal until yesterday, I felt a few twinges but tried not to read too much in to it but was feeling quite positive, however, today I woke up in the foulest of moods, very irritable and grumpy, had no more twinges just felt like crying all day, but about an hour ago I started having lots of cramps/twinges, feel even more miserable and thinking af is on its way 😒

    Stay strong and good luck for your otd xx

  • I don't really have any symptoms but apart from the weird one off cramp before I didn't when I got my bfp until I started spotting on day 6. Currently convinced myself it hasn't worked. X

  • All the luck in the world sweetheart ,πŸ˜πŸ’œ

  • How is everyone doing?? I feel like today has dragged, I feel cranky and cant wait to get home from work xx

  • I'm struggling today too Button-123, this wait is torture!! Did you say your OTD is next Tuesday? Mine is the Thursday? I know we had FET on the same day, I've to wait 14 days 😩😩😩

  • Just feels like it's dragging. Did you have 1 or 2 put back? So random how all clinics are so different. Xx

  • Just one, they said it was good quality x x x

  • I was doing ok yesterday. Felt positive because I felt a bit sick and crampy but I think thats just nerves. Then I had a huge row with a woman at work who I can't stand. I got even more angry that I was getting stressed.

    Feeling a bit better today and keep wondering whether I have some twinges or whether its my imagination or just wishful thinking.

    Test day tomorrow (9dp5dt) and I'm gonna be good and not cave. My compromise is that I can look up my blood results myself tomorrow I have access to the system. Can't sit around waiting for the clinic to call. I'm taking the day off sick as can't be around work whatever the result.

    Hang in there ladies.


  • Keeping my fingers crossed for good news for you tomorrow 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻, have a good day today x x x

  • Thanks. Its nighttime here in NZ now so less time to wait. X

  • Everything crossed it's good news tomorrow Mantaray πŸ™πŸ» Xx

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