Information about miscarriage

This post is not meant to be doom and gloom.

I suffered a missed miscarriage recently after our first ever BFP with donor egg and after 6 failed ICSI rounds with my eggs.

We were so excited but sadly our dreams were shattered a few weeks back.

A friend sent me an interesting article and I thought I would pass on the link for those that have suffered a miscarriage. It might help those to know you are not alone and also it has some interesting links/phone numbers for those in need.

So although a very sad a distressing topic this is sent with positivity, sympathy and empathy.

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  • Thank you for posting this article, it really sums up how I feel and it does make feel its normal too still feel low even a few weeks on. Best wishes to you for the future

  • Thank you for sharing. Don't take it too close to heart. evrything will ok one day.

    We also faced infertility problems but our story is different. We can't have baby with the help of ivf. our option is surrogacy.

    nevertheless, wish you luck and thank you again for a topic you wrote

  • it really does sum up well the grieving process. It is a comfort to read for all of us that know that pain and it is received with gratitude, thank u X

  • Thank you for sharing this article it is always good to know your not alone, I hope your pain gets a bit easier to manage one day as I am hoping ours will too. Take care xx

  • That was really useful thank you for sharing!! So true as well xxx

  • It's a useful share. Thank you.

    The thing I found hardest about the process of miscarrying was not knowing what would physically happen. And I need to point out that even this article is not completely accurate. I miscarried at 7w 5d and was not offered any scans at any point, despite going to the GP, ringing the out of hours GP, and ringing the Early Pregnancy Unit because I was so scared and in so much pain for so many days. No one even examined me. I ended up feeling like I could have made the whole pregnancy up... I had told the GP I was pregnant at 6 weeks but she just took my word for it, and I started to miscarry 3 days before my first midwife appointment.

    So thank you for sharing this article. Anything which raises awareness of what it is like to miscarry has to be a good thing.

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