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I just wanted to check with everyone if they used a pessary before their frozen embryo transfer? I was told yes by my clinic but have read on line an article that says no. Im concerned i may have messed things up now. i didnt have my transfer until 2pm in the afternoon and put the pessary in at 7.30 so i would like to think it would be pretty much gone by then but just hoping i havent ruined our chances now 😒 xx

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  • I haven't had a frozen transfer, but I think taking the pessary is normal as it keeps the lining nice and thick and when I did fresh I was on the pessary, so I don't see the difference. Like you say it would have dissolved by that point anyway.

    I really don't think you have ruined your chances. Good luck!

  • Thank you beebeestar. I feel alot better after you said that. I cant ruin our very final go, this has got to be our lucky little fighter xx

  • Yes you do take the pessary on day of transfer. They just like it to be in at least 2 hours before transfer to give it chance to absorb. They 'clean' the area prior to transfer to make sure it doesn't interfere with procedure xx

  • Thank you anna0908 that makes me feel much better. I think im just stressed as its our last one. Hoping this is our lucky one and we finally get our little family we have been trying so hard for. Xx

  • I've only had fresh embryo transfers but have always taken cycolgest before the transfer. This time round I was asked to take it for a few days before hand. The one I took before the transfer, I decided to take rectally or I know I would've been on a mission with a pack of baby wipes in the hospital trying to clean myself up lol!

  • Thanks mhairielaine. Just hope everything will be ok x

  • I'm sure it will, taking them before the transfer seems to be a standard thing which people are asked to do. Hope it all goes well and your 2WW goes as quickly as possible. Lots of luck x

  • Thank you xx

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