Only seem to be bleeding after inserting pessaries

Hi guys

In in my 2 ww and started bleeding on Sunday, however after monitoring it and being told to carry on with pessaries I've now noticed that it only seems to be happening after I've inserted a pessarie. The bleeding dies down then when it comes to pessary time again it starts back up about half an hour to an hour after.

My period usually lasts 3 days so I would have been off by now but still having a bleed as had a pessary tonight. so just wondered if anyone else has experienced since? I had 2 embies transfers. My test is tomoz so will have a definite answer then.

Thanks for your support xx

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  • I have heard that pessaries can irritate the cervix and cause a little bleeding... good luck for tomorrow πŸ€ xx

  • Thanks Hun, I have a feeling it won't be good news but will be hopeful x

  • Good luck for tomorrow Veekay xx

  • Thank you, I think it will be bad news but I'm prepared for it! X

  • You never know. Hopefor the best xxx

  • Good luck πŸ€ xxx

  • Thank you x

  • I hope it works out for you. I am rooting for you xx

  • Thanks Hun, honestly I feel it hasn't worked as I've been bleeding for the last few days , I'm going to prepar For the worst but hope for the best x x

  • Regardless of what test says I'd speak to clinic and ask them about the bleeding. Good luck with the test and fingers crossed for your BFP

  • Wishing you all the best lovely xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow! πŸ€πŸ€ž pessaries can irritate the cervix and cause bleeding and with you only bleeding at these times it sounds like that's what might be happening. Try to stay positive. I'll be looking out for your update tomorrow πŸ™‚ Xxx

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