Nurses appointment...done! ✔

Hi ladies! Just on my way home from my nurses appointment for ivf. Everything went went and I have been told I am on long protocal and my day 21 injections start next Friday! Eeeeeek how quick are these appointments going!! 😀😀 My amh blood test was also 8.4 told it was normal but a little bit on the low side for my age (I'm 29!) Feeling excited and slight nervous now. Just hope it works 🙏🙏🙏 hopefully I will have some cycle buddies xx

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  • Good luck!!

  • Oh congrats!! I shouldn't be far behind you, have you been given a date for egg collection? I'm guessing early November? X

  • Thank you! I guess once my down reg is done then il be given a date. Might be early November! Hope everything runs smoothly now x

  • Soooooo exciting 😀 I am with you all the way xxx

  • Very exciting! We'll be cycle buddies as I start my injections on Thursday 6th/Friday 7th. I'm on short protocol. Good luck 🍀 xxx

  • Good luck, keep us posted with how it all goes. I'm due to start taking injections from day 21, around the next month (long protocol too) hoping the injections are a breeze xx

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