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Good news on scan! 👍🏻

Hi ladies.

I have good news about my scan I had done today.

You will remember my GP had concerns I had OHSS.

My scan revealed a 3.3 cm corpus luteum cyst and some fluid has leaked as a result.

She was ever so lovely-her name was also Jess! And she had experienced troubles having her second child. She thinks the cyst was caused by ovulation and is proof I'm ovulating.

I have googled corpus luteum cysts- they are common from taking clomifene. Also these cysts can cause-bloating and nausea-so at least I know now what caused it.

I will give my GP a copy of the scan-to check it is safe for me to take clomifene. Fingers crossed it is 🙏🏻

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Awwwwwww jesss thats amazing news honestly soooo happy for u sweetheart.xx some good news yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy you r ovulating brilliant. Really really happy for your you deserve the good news. Dont give up my darling still within a chance.lits of lovee xxxxxz


So pleased you at least have some answers and hopefully your gp will help with the next step xx


Brilliant news xxx


Hey Jess this is what I had aswell during ivf and mine was 6cm!! I don't know if it's still there but I get painful ovary pain during ovulation x


Such a relief when u get answers,onwards & upwards now x


Good to hear this Jess! You sound so much happier. Take care x


Good news jess at least now you have an answer.


I thank you all for your support to me. You are all such amazing lovely ladies and you will make such good mums.

I have a horrible phone call with GP. The only medic I felt was on my side has turned on me. He got really angry that I would dare bother him with the scan. He told me I should take this up with clinic not him-like they have so good and supportive. He was angry when I asked to send results over to my clinic-I gave him my only copy. He called it "secondhand". Honest to god I don't know what I have done to make him so angry. I can't stop crying. I cannot believe the one medic I trusted behaved like that.

I have let the IVF nurse know my scan results are on the way-and I will cancel scan-unless consultant wants me to still have it. I can't go to the secretary coz she hates me.

I feel so alone with it all.

I don't what I done to make people have it in for me. 😭



Hello jess

First of all good news on the ovulation that's an achievement in it's self . 😊.

Sorry to hear about your gp not being very supportive now :( xx


Sometimes it comes out of nowhere-I just didn't expect that reaction- I have no idea what I done to deserve that. Going through infertility is so difficult and you don't need others being unkind. What's the matter with these people Hun? 😡😭😱

Sorry here's me rattling on-how are you holding up? Stupid question I know.



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First good to hear about ur ovolution.

Secondly these days is so hard to understanding some people. They act so strangely specially at a time when d only one u trust is them and want to hear assurance from them.

Please don't worry I'm sure it was nothing personal after all they r humans too and can have bad days. It'll pass. As long as ur work is not being hampered just ignore and move on.



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