Please help :(

Ladies I went for my second baseline scan today after being told last week I had a cyst and my lining was too thick. After a week or taking bursellin my lining has gone thicker from 7 to 8 and now my cysts has also doubled in size. I have to have a urgent blood test as the doc said the cyst is leaking blood. I'm so upset. He told me to carry on taking bursellin until they contact me. Has anyone been in the same position. I feel so scared and feel like my only NHS cycle will be cancelled.

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  • Oh god I'm so sorry :( xx

  • I really don't know what to do just have to wait for the doctor to call. He kept asking me questions like if I have been feeling bloated or if I have lost weight etc I am sure he thinks I have cancer. Just don't know what to think anymore. Thought this was our chance to have a little baby but feel like we're ten steps back already. Why can't things be simple 😒😒😒 been crying at work but don't want to go home because il be googling loads x

  • Oh honey, so sorry you are experiencing this ... I hope the news isn't as drastic as you are expecting ... often large cysts are entirely benign but can be an issue with rupture or twisting that cause a little bleed. I can't help in any way but wanted you to know that it I'll be thinking of you xx is there anyone who can take you for a coffee (or caffeine free alternstive) and cake so you don't have to go home but don't have to experiencing this at work? Xx hope this gets sorted soon xx

  • Thank you for your reply, after a good cry I have realised there isn't anything I can do. I eat well and am healthy so I don't know why the medicine isn't working in making my lining thin. I should hopefully get a call from the hospital by tomorrow but can't do anything about it now. I have been getting cramps but I usually get them during ovulation time. My manager has been fantastic and said I can go home but I feel like I can keep my mind busy by being here. I didn't realise we wouldn't be able to get to stimming stagee. I hope they can drain the cyst. I couldn't face having another lap would be my third one if I did! X

  • A good cry is very under rated in my opinion ... you sound like you are incredibly strong and dealing with this in the best way possible xxx I'm glad your manager is being supportive xx good luck honey xxx

  • Thank you so much. And for taking time out to reply. I felt so lost and so worried. I still do but i have come to my senses now! Xx

  • I've only just seen your post-oh NDE1987 I'm so sorry you're going through this.

    I'm sure the medics are airing on the side of caution (they have to don't they?) Glad they're being efficient and I hope you get the phone call soon-there is nothing much worse than sitting around waiting.Urgh. Poor you.

    Like going through fertility stuff isn't hard enough.

    Good luck with the phone call -thinking of you.

    Really hoping this doesn't delay things too much x πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Thanks so much for your reply Jess. I'm happy I can talk about these issues ok here as people just don't understand. My manager has been great as his wife had ivf aswell. Guess I just need to wait for the phone call. So I have two issues and hope they both can get resolved and I can carry on with ivf. I didn't realise there could be so many issues with ivf aswell! Xx

  • Dear NDE, I m so sorry to know your condition , I wish everything gets solved soon n ok. I also have a cyst in my last ovary. It was found since the second scan of first cycle..last monday the doctor asked me if I had endometriosis or sth like that, or any symptoms, bloating n I said no...I didn't know it s there til I started the s still there n they say that its ok to b there...I don't know it should b removed or ok...try to tc of urself...

  • Hi lovewispain, thank you for your reply. Have they said that they will drain your cyst? I suffer from endometriosis and I told the doctor aswell. I guess I have to wait and see what happens with my blood test result. I just hope I can carry on with this cycle xx

  • My first cycle ended in May without any eggs because I failed to trigger shot properly...that time they said that the cyst thing came put..they don't count this cycle because they found no egg, then I again started another cycle from july last n my egg collection was august last...they did nothing with that cyst thing n let it b there (I think in right ovary) every scan it is my husband asked the doctor that if it s needed to take out, the doctor replied that it was ok..on monday's scan I asked the doctor what it was actually n she said that its an empty sac...I don't know much about endometriosis...I wish ur cyst thing s not harmful n gets solved soon...

  • Aww lovewispain I hope this cycle works out for you. I am just worried that if they cancel then I would have used to my free cycle. But hope I can speak to the doctor tomorrow.X

  • thank you. i pray to god that you can continue this cycle and get the happiness u r waiting for...wish u al the luck of the world...

  • Hi ladies thank you for taking time out to message me today I appreciate it. I called my clinic because I was feeling like my questions hadn't been answered and I feel like a lovely nurse did answer them. She said the doctor saw something like a cyst but can confirm it isn't a cystt. They are running tests on my blood to rule out a number of things including cancer. She said if all is well thenn I can carry on down regulating until my body is ready and then can start stimming. I can carry on taking bursellin until they find out exactly what is it. But the nurse said they hadn't seen something like it before. Just got to stay positive that it is a cyst as I do have endometriosis! X

  • I have only just seen your post so sorry for the late reply 😞

    This is a very scary time for you but it sounds like you are so brave and dealing with this in the best way. I'm afraid I don't have any experience of this but wanted to wish you luck. I really hope everything works out for you. Sending love xx

  • Thank you daisy for your message. I am hoping and praying it's nothing too serious and just want to carry on with treatment! I had a scan back in mayy when I had my IUI and nothing as shown then. Hopefully it turns out all ok xx

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