Good news from my final scan 😁

Soooo as some of you will know I haven't had the easiest week. I've been on gonal f since the 3/3 (225 dose) and I wasn't expecting any issues however the initial scan told me otherwise! I was also dealing with an awful sickness bug so all in all have been thoroughly miserable.

At my initial scan I was told I only had a few follies and they were on the small side so they decided to wait a couple of days and give me an extra scan. The 2nd scan said there were only 6 measurable and they were much smaller than expected as well (cue meltdown from me!)...anyway they upped my dose to 300 on Friday and told me to take a shot today as well (last should have been yesterday)....and the result on my scan this morning was..............

9 large follies!! (Largest is 23mm) I still have two days to grow so they think they'll be another 2-3 that'll make the mark too πŸ˜„ So that's an increase from 6-9 (possibly 12) over the weekend.

Just letting all you ladies know incase you find yourself in the same position...anything can happen in a short space of time!

Egg collection booked for weds...bring it on!

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  • hi Oakey80. Well done! Just wanted to wish you well with the rest of your cycle, and for success. Good luck! Diane

  • that's brilliant news and reassuring for me that anything can happen (on gonal f and got first scan Weds so fingers crossed). All best wishes for your EC xx

  • That all sounds very positive xx

  • So happy to hear that put on a growth spurt and everything is looking brighter compared to last week. X

  • Wow, well done your follies!!

  • Great news!! Good luck for collection xxx

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