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Scan results finally! Not good news :(

Hi ladies.

After a big battle finally got my results. I've got a big fibroid in my uterus and a cyst on my right ovary.

I knew something was wrong coz radiologist was so serious and I felt there was something wasn't ok hence I was in tears. My lovely lady doctor booked me an appointment to see her 17th April. Said I'll be refered to a nhs gynaecolist clinic. It is a relief to know what is happening and to have my dr confirm the size of my fibroid is a enough to stop a pregnancy so I now understand why I'm not pregnant. That helps. Almost tempted to sort this and try naturally. When I actually have a chance of becoming pregnant!

Good luck to all those trying/having treatment we will get there don't lose hope X

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Hello Jess1981, I'm glad you have some answers! It must be a relief. Although it's going to delay things for a bit as I understand it these things can be removed so, fingers crossed, things will get moving again soon. Best of luck x


Thanks hopeful1982 as it stands right now my ivf would fail! So yes it's annoying to have a delay but if it helps me in the future to be able to achieve a family with my hubby then it's all worth it :) And deep down I knew something was wrong.

Anyway how are you? I hope you're ok x



I had the same fibroids for years and no one would take a look or they couldnt be found until 2 years ago I actually had 3 and 2 were size of golf balls which also caused me to have massive bleeds and horrendous periods. Had those removed last year and got a nice pubic scar to show for it but now periods are great and easeir wasn't helping me get pregnant as now only one tube and other scared.

The op isn't bad and normally will help with assisting fertility and periods. Hopefully once you have had this done you will fall naturally.

Wishing you the best of luck


Thanks tam tam. How are you ?

I don't think it wouldve been discovered if I hadn't been bleeding between my periods and I'm very lucky I found such a lovely understanding lady doctor who actually listened it's a rarity! I've complained many times of horrendous periods and never got anywhere!

I'm sorry to hear you had difficulties getting your fibroids treated and you won't listened too know that feeling Hun. Glad they sorted it now tho. :) And I hope your treatment now works :D



Hey Jess

Am great feeling positive about upcoming treatment again starting in May kind of can't wait but can. Fingers crossed these eggs are gonna jf to be first graders and ready for action xx

Wishing you all the best



Tamtam just want to wish you the very best of luck with your ivf cycle in May keep my fingers crossed it works for you X


Thank you Jess

I am wishing on a prayer too.

Keep in touch xx


Glad you got answers and hope now with the knowledge this will be the path to your time 😊 hugs and baby dust xx


Thanks Herrys how is the pregnancy going?

I'm just glad I know now and can move forward. And in time get closer to my baby dreams X


Its going okay upto now ! We started herapin injections tonight in hope to aid the pregnancy fingers crossed! Really glad your a step closer hun feeling positive for you xx


Hi Jess glad u got answers .. And sad that they were no good. U must be glad same time that u didn't start ivf as u said coz it would probably fail .. What scares me its the fact that u have scans and bloods done before treatment and none of them shows that there is this huge problem? X that's what I don't understand ... Wishing u lots of patience and luck on your journey x


Thanks miroslava I did feel something wasn't ok and it's better knowing now and having ivf fail would break my heart :( I'm grateful for knowing it now and for having an amazing lady doctor who listened to me and did something :)

Anyway how are you? How is the ivf going? Good I hope.

Thanks for the support it means a lot X


I'm so sorry to hear this but I am so glad that you have an answer finally like you deserve! That would be amazing if you could get it sorted and try naturally!! I will keep everything crossed for you that this can be sorted out.

You must feel a mixture of relief of knowing what's wrong but sad that there is something wrong! Hope your ok!

Never loose hope xxx


Thanks hunni mostly feeling relieved,although this will cause big time delay in the long run it will help help us have have our much wanted baby,it is about seeing the bigger picture

. Having unexplained was a much worse diagnosis we kept wandering why I couldn't get pregnant and wandered wot we were doing wrong

. It took going private(got discharged from nhs clinic with it's trying or ivf and I don't get funding coz I've got a child from a previous relationship but hubby's but a dad yet) to discover my thyroid was over 2.5 (which can affect implantation)

But I'm glad this fibroid has been found coz if it hadn't been found my ivf would've failed without a doubt so it's I've had a lucky escape and I'm incredibly grateful for that :) Hopefully fixing this will help me conceive whether it's natural or ivf :) Feel like we have made a big breakthrough :)

Good luck for your test today. I really hope you get that BFP fingers crossed for you :) Feel free to message me if you need a chat. Be thinking of you X


So glad that you know what the problem is, fingers crossed it gets sorted quickly!


Thanks sad_panda knowing the nhs it won't be quick lol but it will help us massively have a baby then it's worth it :)

How are you? X


Finally over my hycosy thanks for asking! Shame my husband got stranded travelling on business just when I was ovulating this month...


When did you have it done?

Bad timing :( Maybe next month :D

I remember having the hsg that was the worst test ever! I know most women find it a little uncomfortable for me it was quite painful. I felt tired for few days after to and boy did my body let me know if I over did it!And the periods afterwards were so much more heavier! The tests us girlies have to do men are so lucky!

You have should increased chances up to 6 months after having the procedure. Lots of women do conceive soon after fingers crossed you will too.x

What's you next step forward? Somehow it helps knowing there's a plan X


I had it two weeks ago, hated it and I started bleeding for a week the next day - it seems basically to have started my period.

Sadly there is no plan or step forward as because everything came back clear, we can't get any more help for the moment. We are just hoping that it may have improved things like you suggest!


I'm so sorry I know that feeling. We were unexplained for many years. It is the most annoying frustrating diagnosis ever! And don't know about you but my husband and I felt brushed off by the medical profession and they were pretty dismissive of our infertility problems. They'd say stuff like it's a matter of time and blah blah and don't get me started on friends and family who quoted there's nothing wrong it will happen relax yes that's easy in this situation!!! I kept wandering wot I was doing wrong. I did the whole time have this strong gut feeling something was wrong. Then I wandered if I was being paranoid coz tests were clear! Got discharged from an Nhs clinic last June with it's trying or ivf and you don't qualify for Nhs funding as I've got a son from a previous relationship although hubby is not a dad so harsh for my hubby. The consultant was so hard and mean and basically had us in his office for like 5 mins we waited 6 months for that appointment and had hoped there were other options available it seemed so extreme to go from trying to ivf. We were shell shocked by it took a few days to get over it. I looked into egg sharing (can't afford ivf) it was there I got some answers after three years of trying. First I discovered my left ovary had prematurely aged my amh (egg reserve blood test) level was incredibly low(5.37 should be 10 to 15 for my age) and my tsh was raised too it was 3.9 although it was within normal health ranges wot the Nhs failed to tell me was for trying for a baby should be no higher than 2.5 as it can impact on implanation causing infertility and cause miscarriages and birth detects. Something we should all be told about when trying. We had been trying for 3 years 1 month till that was found out. And that was fixed great but shortly afterwards I started bleeding between my periods something id never done. Once it happened 3x I saw a nurse practitioner

who advised me to see my lady dr. So I did and she ran investigations blood tests all normal phew. But scan revealed a cyst on right ovary and a large fibroid in my uterus which def stopped us conceiving. I'll be seeing her Friday 17th April to a Nhs clinic to get this dealt with. I like you will have to very patient it sucks dosent it hunni? I'm telling my story not to frighten you but to illustrate if there is a reason it will be found and to have faith that it will be come good in the end. For some people with unexplained it is just a matter of time for others not. It can be a battle and there can be many hurdles to climb but each hurdle is a step closer to your much wanted baby. I've been trying now 3 years 8 months but I refuse to quit.

Have you been referred to a specialist yet? How long are you waiting to be seen?

I'll keep my finders crossed that the hideous procedure will do the job ;)

Anytime you want to talk I'm here. I know how hard this journey can be. X



Annoying in some ways, but good in others.

As you say, you knew something wasn't right and had the battle to prove you know your body more than others.

Glad you found someone that would listen and help with the next hurdle.

You'll get there...you are a determined lady :-)



Hi hollibob thanks for the support :) How are you?

Yes a time delay is annoying but this has saved me a failed ivf which is much worse. I'm so happy the lady dr took it seriously. And to know there is a reason why I'm still not pregnant is a huge relief. Yes it has been a battle but I guess that's true of anyone's fertility problems.sometimes sadly half the battle is with the medical profession. X


I'm not doing too bad all considering thank you. Good and bad days, but pulling the positives out of a sad situation.

Keep us updated x


I think you're so incredibly brave to go through that and come out seeing positives out of it. Have your Clinic offered you any counseling? I'm assuming that you will have a follow up to discuss what can be done differently to promote a successful outcome. Hopefully you can get some answers and can move forward when you feel ready. Wishing you the very best with whatever you decide to do x

I will def keep you updated thanks for being there X


Well, it was our first ivf attempt and we've never been pregnant before, so I now know that it can happen, but just have to hope that it doesn't always end with sadness.

We have been offered counselling, but at the moment I think we are coping ok together.

We've booked our follow up for the beginning of May, as we were advised that it would be best to wait before starting any new treatment for two periods after the miscarriage anyway. I just hope my body settles down afterwards!


Hi hollibob.

That's not that long to wait any waiting sucks tho I know that feeling.

I think 2 months will give your body a chance to recover and give you a chance to emotionally recover too you've been through it. The consultant will be able to know if your body is physically ready to try again but it will be up to you if you feel ready emotionally.

I hope your appointment goes really well and you can get some answers that help you move forward. Let me know how your appointment goes X


Hi jess1981,

I can't believe they didn't find this out during your assessments for egg sharing. I've had small fibroids removed and my consultant saw some more during my baseline scan but said where they are won't make any difference. Hopefully you'll be able to get pregnant naturally once the fibroid is removed. I got my op quicker as NHS waiting list was too long and they offered the private hospital we're had our ICSI treatments at. That route might be offered to you.

Good luck!


Thanks Pm27 for the kind and helpful support.

I'm surprised too it wasn't picked up on.Unless it wasn't big enough to cause concern. Who knows!!

Thank god it's been discovered now and saved me the heartache of having a failed ivf cycle(which would've happened) and for that I'm very grateful.

My lady Dr did discuss taking my results to my clinic but I honestly I didnt think that they would help so decided to go down the nhs route. When I see my dr she will refer me to an nhs clinic.

Did you get it funded by nhs? Coz if you did then I need look into that.

How are you? I hope alls well with you X


Yes it was funded by NHS, I had a phone call asking if I'd consider going to another hospital I said yes expecting it to be a different NHS hospital and then they said it would be this particular private hospital. Having been treated there as a paying patient I can say I was treated no differently.

I'm feeling better today, I had a decent night's sleep last night. Just waiting for my period to start.


Thanks . wow I hope I'll be that lucky :p

Know that feeling I dread my period coming it's the most awful feeling. Big hugs. X


Hi Jess, sorry about the fibroid and cyst but hopefully resolving it will solve the problem. I hope the appointment goes well. Good luck xx


Thanks dee22 I'm just so glad it was found before I went ahead with ivf and saved me the heartache of my one and only chance of ivf and it failing,it def would've. Once it's fixed hopefully I'll have a better chance of conceiving silver lining :) My lady dr has been brilliant so through and supportive I'm lucky to have found such a good dr.

How are you? I hope you're ok X


Just wanted to share an update. :) Got the receptionists to print my scan results memory went a bit blank when dr told me my results. It's a small sub mucosal fibroid that's the one that is known to comprise woman's fertility particularly bad and gets removed regardless of size.

Hope everyone's ok X


Hi jess1981, keep strong and keep going these are just hurdles in the way. I too had fibroids but they said that it is not in the way. Also I have two cyst on my left ovaries however they say it do go away on it own. I was so disappointed however they did blood test and they said that am fine to go ahead with my FET. before I could have started my IVF I had to have 2 surgeries. it took a year and a half before I could have my first IVF treatment. One key hole and one open they removed my right fallopian tube and adhesions. The point is don't give up in the end we will get there, some of us may take longer than some. Am still fighting the good old fight. Best of luck to you and fingers cross.


Thanks hop36 for the lovely words of support :) This post is actually 2 months ago. Since then I was referred by gp(which I had to fight for) managed to choose a private hospital that treats nhs patients purely to save waiting times, I had my consulation Monday and she wasn't concerned over cyst as they do go on their own,but said fibroid is the lining of my uterus and is preventing me from getting pregnant,as body thinks something's there and rejects any embyos. With fibroid it very much depends on size and location whether they do have an affect on fertilty. I was unlucky in the sense that mine was submucsol which is the rarist type of fibroid to have only 4% of women have that one,and only 3% of women's infertility is caused just by a fibroid (mine is there is no other cause) . The good news is mine is going to be surgically removed next month and hopefully after I can try for a few months before thinking about ivf. Def not giving up never!

I'm sorry to hear of your probs. It can really throw it at you sometimes. The baby will be worth all of this I'm sure,I'm pleased your ivf isn't being put on hold. I know how hard it is to cancel an ivf cycle it is heartbreaking I canceled mine in march it was one of the hardest things I've ever done(body started bleeding between periods that's how fibriod was found) but it was the right decision as if I had gone ahead it would have 100% failed. That is much worse than putting things on hold!

Good luck with fet I hope you get a BFP! X


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