Help - worried not taken correct dose

Started gonal F on Friday 30th and have been issued 900iu prefilled pen. Have given 3x 375 as per instructions no issues and dose window showed 0 at the end of both disses. Tonight I gave third dose and the Dose window showed 162.5. I have given 162.5 with a new pen ... I am puzzled though as that suggests 212.5 was remaining In the pen but there should only be 150 if (2x375=750 and 900-750 =150) not sure what to do ...? And whether to be concerned

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  • Oops meant gave first 2 doses

  • Have you got a number for out of hours doctor for emergencies with your clinic? 'Might be worth ringing them tomorrow x

  • Thanks - will give them a call tomorrow - don't have an emergency number as such but fingers crossed it will be ok !

  • I'm sure it will all be fine x

  • Hi there, always abit extra in pen....I was on Gonal F for 3 rounds of IVF and would always use extras from all my pens to make one even accounted for that for me as an expensive it is the larger pen with 900 I would say it extra in pen..don't of luck, Jackie x

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