Correct timings?

at my first appt I was told I'd start buserelin on day 21 and egg collection should be week commencing 20 March. At my day 21 appt I was told egg collection would be week commencing 13 March. I started buserelin on 21 Feb and my next scan appt is 2 March which means I'll only have been injecting for 9 days and as I've heard it can delay your period I may not have had a bleed by 2 March or if I have it may not have ended in order for a baseline scan. I'm wondering if the dates and timings are right? I expected to be on buserelin for about 14 days. Has anyone else been given similar time schedules on long protocol?

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  • i think schedule is just for guidance - as we all know by now, our lovely bodies do what they want!

    my dates shifted by a week because my bloody period (get it?!) was late. i had my embryo transfer today.

    good luck on your journey - sending lots of positive vibes your way ✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • thanks noodles. I think you're right. Of course the nurses will know what they're doing in terms of dates etc. I think I'm just anxious because we've opted for time lapse imaging which needs to be booked beforehand but of course none of us know for definite when we will need the place! Good luck, embie on board - how exciting! Best wishes xx

  • We're similar time frames! I started downregging on thurs 16th Feb (although I take tablets and not injections) finished them last night and due a bleed in next couple of days. Baseline scan set for Friday 3rd March with provisional date of 15th March for EC. If I've not started bleeding before scan I'm to ring them and it will mean my dates will be changed. Looks like we'll be cycle buddies! xx

  • thanks baby 2016. Exciting times! Hope the down regging going well. I've had no significant symptoms thank goodness. Some mild headaches but that could be due to work or general anxiety. How are you feeling about the whole process? I'm surprising myself and generally relaxed. Keep in touch and good luck xx

  • I've felt much more relaxed than round1! No symptoms at all really, and didn't have any last time, if anything the drugs make me feel amazing! Haha! A few people commented how well I looked the other day and it's either the drugs or my new hair dye! Haha! The only thing that I do suffer with is broken sleep, I've always been a light sleeper, but found it so hard to get good sleep on my first round and the broken sleeps already started 😩 So not looking forward to that as we progress further along. Think it's more my mind working overtime than anything else! But work a lot of 10-6 shifts which have been a god send as always get a lye in! 😊Xx

  • I'm the same but I can let things play on my mind a bit whilst OH snores next to me without a care in the world! I guess not getting a good nights sleep now will hopefully mentally prepare us for what's to come once baby arrives!xx

  • I started DR on the 9th and just did my first stim injection today, so 16 days even though they could have scanned on day 12 or 14. But I kind of get the feeling the clinics push people a few days either side so that we aren't all in the same stage at the same time and give them a rush. I would have preferred less DR as I had a few side effects.

    They will check your lining on your scan and if it's not thin enough just keep you on DR longer.

    Good luck x

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