Broken today

I feel so shattered today:( 😭😭😭

Scan was not at all what i expected!

Went in and doc said that they had not grown to the size that they should have been, however i am given same dose 300 gonal f, 150 pergevoris, 25 orgalutran! Doc would scan on coming Monday and if no progress is seen consider this cycle cancelled😞 My heart is in pieces! Any suggestions from exp. how and what can be done to make them grow bigger apart from med?

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  • Hi hopeful, so sorry its not going to plan right now. I don't think theres any guarantees but you could try using a hot water bottle. I found it comforting and handy when its this cold anyway πŸ’– hope things improve for your scan next week xx

  • Hi Hun, so sorry it isn't going Quite to plan but don't give up yet. As you know mine weren't great growers I did use a hot water bottle not sure if it made a difference xxx

  • I didn't try the hot water bottle trick but have heard many on here using it. I just made sure I ate lots and lots of protein and drank buckets of water. They may grow by Monday, you never know.

  • I've been drinking plenty of fluids and used a hot water bottle. My follicles also have been growing very slowly but they will grow eventually. Best of luck xx

  • Hi Hopeful2016.I'm sure you are! Give yourself time, and by Monday let's hope that your follicles start behaving better. As the others have said, make sure you eat well and plenty of fluids. Will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Hopeful, I'm sorry to hear your scan didn't go as you had expected. I've had the same experience this week so really understand how you are feeling.

    Just try and have plenty rest this weekend and look after yourself. Good luck for Monday x

  • Hi Hopeful I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm in the exact same boat. Saturday scan they said follicles haven't grown much and I have a scan today to see if any progress. Is this your first cycle? It has really knocked me for six and my Positivity just disappeared as now all I can think is it will be cancelled. BUT we must not give up hope! There is still a chance and it's not over yet. Is your scan today too? Best of luck lovely xx

  • Thinking about you today, really hope and pray you get done good news xx

  • Good luck today honey, thinking about you xx

  • Hope your scan went well hun. I had mine today and have to scan again weds as they're still not big enough. Best of luck to you xx

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