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Egg Donor

Hi Everyone,

First of all Merry Christmas to everyone.

So I have just been back to the IVF clinic today as I thought we would be starting our next round of ICSI after 3 months of supplements for both me and my husband, only to be told that basically I had no focillies this month and that it would basically it would be a waste of time and money to go ahead with the cycle.

We have been told to come back next month and see how we stand. I know I have an extremely low AMH level for my age and that time is not on our side.

The doctor today mentioned maybe we should consider an egg donor. Not sure how I feel about this? Has anyone else gone down this line? We are not currently in the UK so not sure about the in and out's of how it all legally work. Any advise good or bad will be really helpful.

Many thanks


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Merry Christmas Dreamer, sorry to hear this as you must of felt very deflated and sad hearing that. Next month May be different, but while you waiting to go back and see them I would look into Donor eggs. I have done 4 rounds of IVF with my own eggs and always had 7-9 eggs collected, made it to day 5 blastocyst and had 2 put back so you think my chances good but I had 2 BFN and 2 pregnancies I lost, they think it my egg quality and my age(now 40) and that why this happens, this was at UK clinic, i was recommended now to use Donor, looked into it, friend of mine has a son and twin girls from Donor and they look like her, we talked about it lots and I am now preparing to travel to Greece for Donor eggs, I have no issues with this but understand some people feel not for them.obviously sad not using my own eggs but I want to carry a baby and be a mum...it's a lot to think about but success rates higher as donor usually between 18-30 years old. Wishing you all the best and hope next month you hear better results...Happy New Year. Lots of love Jackie x


After 3 failed attempts using my own eggs, We start DE treatment after Christmas we decided to stay in UK. I just look at it as know we want to be parents and can't be the natural way so we are just following a different path to get the same outcome. Feel free to message me I know it's a lot to take on board at first xxx


Hi Dreamer,

It comes as a huge blow hearing this. I'm now 41 and have done 3 rounds of ICSI - taking pregnacare for both of us the first time, then pregnacare, and a whole range of other vitamins including Royal Jelly, Wheatgrass, every time someone suggested something we added it. I also spent 3 months having accupuncture and Chinese herbs from the 'Fertility Queen' - forget her name on Harley Street (cost around £3000) simply for that and the herbs. I was told that time I had empty follicles and ended up with nothing.

The 3rd time they encouraged me to try DHEA supplements which I ordered online, I took these with pregnacare, and although I got a BFP it failed shortly after. Am now waiting to start using donor eggs in Manchester MF. I waited over a year at my other clinic and they never found anyone - you don't have to wait there. Will it work? Only time will tell. I've done a lot of soul searching and research but we both want a family so much I've come to the conclusion that with my age and previous experience I can't put my body through that anymore. Best wishes with any decision you make. x


Hi music1 we are also doing DE at MF x


How far are you with things? Everything crossed for both of us in 2017. Glad to hear someone else is also at MF. Best wishes Button x


We did our last try with my own eggs at mf but sadly it didn't work but clinic and staff where all fantastic. We have opted for the 3 cycle DE, they sent us a profile before Xmas but we didn't feel a connection with this donor so just waiting for another, hoping it won't be long then we can get started. How about you? Where you up to?? X


We had our last 3 attempts at a clinic in London. We waited nearly a year to get a donor egg, but heard nothing - hence our decision to try somewhere else. They have been fantastic so far. I guess I was fortunate because after reading maybe 3 profiles I did find a 'heartfelt' connection with our donor. I think we're just trying the 1 attempt - due to my age. Hoping to start in the New Year. I personally liked the profiles - better than someone just saying "we found someone with your hair colour". I hope you find someone soon and more importantly someone whom you and your partner do have a connection with. I think that's important. x


Aw wow you will hopefully be starting soon. Yes we have only seen one so far and was so impressed with all the info you get, just wasn't the one for us but looking forward to finding our one and getting going again xxx


Thank you all for your comment glad to know I'm not the only one going through it. I've contacted a couple of clinic in the UK but waiting to hear back from then (time of year of course doesn't help) Another problem to add to it all is that we are currently not living in the U.K. So coming backwards and forwards will be very difficult and expensive for us.

Talking of expense what's the average cost of using an egg donor is it similar to that of ivf ?

Let's hope 2017 is going to be a good one for us all xx


I spoke to loads of clinics abroad and uk before deciding and sent for loads of info. Cost varies massively from clinic to clinic depending on what they offer. We chose a DE package where you get 3 cycles including all frozen, all medication for me and donor, exclusive donors (not egg sharers) embroscope and everything you need, if it doesn't work you get 70% of your money back. If you want more details send me a private message xx

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How is it going for you hun?


So far so good thank you, found a great clinic in Greece, had the first of of test completed and heading over end of the month to get whole process started, fingers crossed for this time 😊


Great news! Very happy for u! Good luck.


dailymail.co.uk/health/arti... Sorry it's from the Daily Mail


Hiya Dreamer0204

First of all can I sent you my apologies for the failed treatment round. It is really hard to go through.

I have just gone through donor egg abroad in Spain. Please feel free to IM me and I will try to answer your questions and share my experiences.

Like a number of ladies who have responded it is a hard decision to make. I went through 6 rounds of ICSI IVF before going down this route.



I can't help with personal experiences, but recommend looking at eggdonationfriends site, that is dedicated to de. You would find tons of info. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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