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Black Egg Donor Needed


I am new to the Fertility Network.

My husband and I have been trying for several years to conceive naturally.

Unfortunately, we were informed several months ago that due to my low egg deserve and following egg collection, that my eggs were no longer of good quality and we would need to find an egg donor in order to have children.

Of course, this was a devastating shock to hear and took a while to recover, but we are now back in the saddle, hopeful and would love the help from a black woman - of Caribbean or African descent, our special angel, to donate their eggs for us to have a chance of becoming wonderful parents. This would really change and add even more happiness to our lives.

What's usually involved is the donor would speak to us, or we can arrange for you to call our fertility clinic in Central London to make an appointment to donate. They will advise on all the process and fee paid to you for donating, ensuring total confidentiality throughout. If you would like to meet with my hubby and I too, that's also fine with us.

Am so hoping there is someone on the network, or knows of someone who would like to become a egg donor please?

Thank you so much. xxx

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Hi Faith-Hope

Most of the people on here are people like you who are struggling to conceive or going through ivf in some form or another. You won't find donors on here. There are companies that you should go to for that. I would suggest that you look into finding a clinic locally and they will guide you down the route of finding a donor, or find one for you.

Wishing you all the best xxx


Thanks so much Camillage,

Yes, our fertility clinic have donors, but not many black donors on their system due to them not coming forward to donate unfortunately. We are on a 8 month waiting list whilst they try to source this so I thought I'd find out maybe here whether someone was willing. Here;s to still hoping! xxx


Someone else asked recently actually. Also, I am not sure if any waiting lists in UK are much shorter than 6-9 months. Have your clinic suggested others in Europe? X

Also this post might help:



Yes, have considered others in Europe but as we are getting the full IVF treatment through our Private Healthcare Provider, they only use this particular clinic, so as its expensive, we're hold on a little longer and consider other clinics if this falls through.

Thanks so much for link. will check it out now. Appreciate your prompt reply to my thread. xxx

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Good luck. Do you know how to search on here? Search black donor egg. Someone offered 6 months ago x


Oh wow, ok. Yes, know how to but will check through again. If you do spot anything, please send over to me, that would be so appreciated. Thanks so much again. xxx


Thank you so much! Have contacted by private message. Really appreciate.xxx


Hi Faith-Hope, I don’t have any useful knowledge about egg donors but wishing you much luck. X

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In the UK, you cannot give any fee to donors, only expenses, also you cannot donate without your full personal details being recorded and made available to any child that may be born from their eggs (once that child turns 18). I just wanted you to be sure you know this.

I'm a black woman who found a black egg donor relatively easy with my clinic and many clinics can help black people by importing eggs from the USA, where black donors are available in much bigger numbers than anything in Europe. But if you're getting some sort of free treatment with insurance ( and you are very, very lucky to have this) 8 months seems a small price to pay and i'm sure they'll find someone.

best of luck to you, with a healthy young donor, you have a very good chance of becoming pregnant and having your own miracle soon.


Hi Carmel, thanks kindly for you reply.

Great information. Yes, fees and expenses are paid directly through the fertility clinic they donate their eggs to as standard and personally paid by us.

Yes, my hubby and I have had a full consultation about the egg donation process and package from our Doctor as had a round with my own eggs first which was unsuccessful. The intended donor will also be informed of the whole process with a full consultation from the fertility clinic which is standard.

Yes, IVF treatment is included within our private health insurance at our Central London clinic which we are grateful for. They said that egg donors from ethnic groups are less because many do not donate as much as other people groups, so I decided also to find out if anyone would be happy to within that timeframe and connect the two. Did you find a black donor within 8 months? Do hope all was successful for you and would love to hear your story.

Thank you for taking time to respond to my post.xxx


I meant NOT personally paid by us. Typo :) it's arranged through the clinic as standard. Xxx


Hi, I would love to donate to you, please message me if you haven't found a match


Carmel1001 Do you mind sharing the name of your clinic with me as PM pls?


I am a black African female who is willing to donate my eggs and would love to help if you haven't already found another donor? :)


Hello there

I am a black African woman living in Finland and I am looking forward to being an egg donor.

I have 3 children of my own and would be happy to help another couple in hope of getting their own.

Contact me please if you are still in need of an egg donor and with any questions you might have.

I am free to travel if needed.


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